A Clothing Style For Everyone

Everyone has their go-to clothing style. What is yours? Do you like to dress professional or formal? Maybe you enjoy an alternative or boho style? Contemporary styles work well for most anyone. Streetwear style is really popular right now. Maybe you like a resort style? Perhaps, you are a sexy dresser? You could possibly be a southern dresser. There are so many styles. Maybe you like multiple styles for your wardrobe. Regardless of what your favorite style is, everyone has a unique style that looks great on them.



Streetwear is a common style right now. New streetwear clothing brands are popping up all over the place. Streetwear is an edgy style. It looks great on many people. Streetwear embraces a grunge culture, an underground culture and is popular amongst people living in urban environments.

Resort Style

Resort style is often times elegant and luxurious. Free flowing fabrics and bright colors are amongst resort style. Accessories are a must for someone aiming to dress with a resort style. Gold and silver are iconic symbols and jewels of a resort style.

Sexy Style

You may prefer a sexy style. A sexy style may include wearing fabrics that fit tightly to the body. You may wear fabrics that show off the skin. Seductive dressing is sexy and appropriate for certain places and events. For women, they may enjoy wearing high heels as apart of their sexy look. For men, they may enjoy wearing a shirt that shows off their muscles or shows part of their chest.

model wearing off the shoulder white blouse with cut off short denim jeans

With so many styles to choose from, its hard sometimes to find all of these styles in one place. You'll have to travel to countless clothing stores to find all of these styles. You will have to search for a multitude of websites that sell clothing in order to find all of these different types of styles. Try searching modvisor.com. This website is a place to find reviews, questions and answers, discount codes and more all while finding brands and stores for the types of clothing you love. You can shop according to how much you can spend. No one has time to endlessly search for the right type of clothing. Finding a site that offers variety is a must.

Southern Style

A southern style is sweet. A southern style is traditional and may include dressing in a preppy way. Button down shirts, tucked in shirts and even plaid are common for southern style. Ladies tend to wear longer skirts and dresses when dressing southern. Hats, handbags and accessories are common when dressing southern.


Formal is a style that is worn for formal events and outings. Formal style can be worn for prom, balls, important occasions, and other events that require a dressy style. Sometimes being formal includes wearing a ball gown for women and a tuxedo for men.

Dressing formal can also mean being stylish at the same time. If you’re looking to impress when showing up to the office on your first day, a pair of Vera Bradley glasses and a pencil skirt shows yourself off as prim and proper but with an edge.


Alternative is more of a punk rock style. Darker colors and heavier fabrics are typically associated with this style of dress. This style of dressing is very expressive. It was developed out of the punk rock music movement. This style of wear is somewhat similar to streetwear. It has an edgier theme to it.

boho style

Boho Style

Boho is short for bohemian. A boho style is something that is common times linked to what a hippie would wear. Boho style is very free and loose. Long and loose fabrics are common with this type of style. Wearing earth tone colors is common for a boho look. This look often has lot of accessories. Long necklaces and long earrings are common types of jewelry.


Contemporary is a very common style many people are wearing right now. Contemporary style is modern and always keeps up with the current times and trends. Contemporary style usually showcases the popular name brands of the moment. Contemporary style is all about wearing the current colors of the season, the in-demand prints and the patterns that are very trendy. This style of clothing can almost be purchased anywhere and comes in an array of prices.


Fashion is fun. Fashion is expressive. Fashion should allow for you to be who you want to be. Let your personality shine through your style. Explore different styles until you find the one that fits your personality the best. Never forget that it is okay to incorporate new styles into your wardrobe to change things up a bit.

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