About Kim Rowley aka @ShoppingKim

Tatym wearing ShoppingBookmarks.com Tshirt in 2012

In 1998, the year my youngest daughter (and mini-me), Tatym, was born (shown above in 2012 photo), I started dabbling with making websites by searching “HTML 101” in Yahoo (this was before Google's time). I initially made simple websites: one for family pictures, one about my preemie twins, and one for all the good deals I would find. I entitled it “My Shopping Bookmarks” and shared it with family and friends for them to “bookmark” as a favorite website in their browser.

I also started sending out email alerts to family and friends about the good deals I would find, who in turn spread the news to their family and friends. ShoppingBookmarks.com was born and grown to include thousands of bargain shoppers from around the world. We added a section entitled “Kim's Blog” back in 2003 where I could talk about this and that and everything and eventually spun it off into it's own domain, ShoppingKim.com.

I currently work in my pajamas while authoring several niche blogs. You can see all of my websites at KIMarketing.com.

Happy Shopping!

Kim's Autograph

P.S. Tatym, Kim’s “baby” is now in college (show below in 2016 photo).

Tatym's High School Graduation Pic