6 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Online Shopping

One of the key reasons why online shopping spread like wildfire in contemporary society is the convenience the experience accords any shopper. Unscrupulous individuals and online lurkers have taken advantage of the various e-commerce shopping platforms and are always prowling, waiting for the opportunity to …

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Trading the Major Currency Pairs

major currency

Forex trading is the buying and selling of currency pairs. In other words, you will be buying one currency while selling another currency. Each currency pair has an exchange rate which fluctuates as one currency gets stronger against the other. When trading a currency pair, …

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8 Gifts Your Grad Will Love

graduate holding gift

It’s graduation time again! Whether it’s a graduation from high school or college, this is a time to commemorate the big steps a young person is about to take. Whether it’s entering college or entering the workforce these milestones are celebrated with parties and gifts. …

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