What is a Good Credit Score?

Credit Score

In most instances, a FICO credit score of 670 to 799 is considered a good one. Scores 800 to 850 are in the “excellent” range. Remember, your credit score follows you throughout your lifetime. So, it’s important to take good care of it. FICO is …

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Benefits of Living Near a Lake

house by lake

From penthouse apartments to mountain cabins, you can find a place to live practically anywhere. If Eskimos can build houses out of ice cubes, the possibilities are endless. Me, though? I like to keep it simple. For my money, nothing beats getting out of bed …

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Enjoy The UK This Summer With A Staycation

Durdle Door in Dorset England

Staycations are here to stay, and this year you should try somewhere other than the most popular cities in the country. With most areas across the UK easily accessible by train from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff and pretty much every other city in the UK, …

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