How to Pick the Right Products for Your Hair

right hair products

Do you feel like you’re always spending time fixing, styling, and maintaining your hair? You’re not alone. In fact, research shows that the average American woman spends approximately six full days each year on her mane!  Using the right types of hair products can significantly …

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Buy Weighted Blanket Now, Pay Later

Weighted Blanket

One of the top Christmas gift requests this year was a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets helping combat stress, anxiety and depression, alleviate the symptoms of restless leg syndrome and autism, aid in sensory processing disorder, help ADHD patients focus and may improve sleep. The recommended …

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How to Borrow Money with Bad Credit

borrow money with bad credit

Having bad credit is often a result of borrowing money. Whenever people borrow money, they don’t think about the long-term effects it can have on their credit score. If they’re not financially stable at the time, they can set themselves up for disaster. This commonly …

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