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DealDash Reviews – Can You Get Legit Deals From This Penny Auction Site?

DealDash Reviews – Can You Get Legit Deals From This Penny Auction Site?

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If you’ve ever gone online to find yourself a great deal on some name brand products, you may have found yourself on the typical e-commerce sites: Amazon, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace – but what if we told you that there’s an alternative to these sites that have the potential to offer you a better deal?

Where can you go to find a great deal? Follow the reviews! Hold in there with us, we’ll explain.

If you’ve seen any of the reviews, you may have heard of the mystical world of penny auction websites. What you may have also noticed by said reviews is that there’s a mixed bag of opinions when it comes to these sites and many offer a good deal of speculation about whether or not you’re actually saving money.

However, if you hop on over to DealDash’s reviews, you may notice opinions of this popular American penny auction site are primarily positive. Why is that?

What is DealDash?

DealDash is perhaps America’s most popular penny auction website and offers name brand items that are placed up for auction. Each auction starts at the cost of $0. To participate in an auction, you need to purchase bid packs. Bid packs usually cost between 12¢ and 16¢ per bid. Every time you bid, the price of the item up for auction increases by 1 penny. Once a bid is placed, a timer is reset to ten seconds and the auction continues. The last person to bid on an auction is the winner, meaning depending on how many bids were placed, there’s a good chance that you can purchase the auctioned item at a fraction of the cost.

What Are DealDash Reviews?

DealDash reviews are available across multiple third party platforms, offering a great deal of insight into the iconic penny auction site. You can find them on Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, SiteJabber, and more. Let’s take a look at a few:

“Dealdash is fun and addictive! I won a beautiful 1500$ watch for next to nothing! Thank you dealdash!!” – Daniel

“This is a fantastic way to have some fun, kill some time, and win some great prizes for massive discounts. It really is important to note, you should see DealDash as a way to enjoy yourself. A form of entertainment. And not to see it as a viable long term option of getting huge discounts. If you see this as a form of entertainment, more than anything else, you can have a great time, for very little up-front investment.” – Jordan

“I absolutely love DealDash! The products are amazing and the prices are even better! I can’t get enough! Not to mention the entertainment for hours on end and always something new to bid on. Another great thing about DealDash is excellent customer service. They are quick, friendly and always willing to help! Great deals everyday on DealDash!!!!” – Jennifer

“DealDash Customer support has always been friendly, helpful and attentive. Contacting support is quick and convenient which is not the norm in most businesses today. I recently contacted customer support to update my address after moving, as usual the response was quick and effective. Thank you DealDash for having such a wonderful support team!” – Melissa

As you can see, people have a lot of good things to say in DealDash reviews. But is there a real way to save yourself some money? Let’s break it down.

Bids often go for 12-16¢ each and placing a bid in the auction raises the final auction win price by 1 cent. The final bidder has the potential to save up to 90% on any given item. However, you aren’t guaranteed a win, and you don’t know how long an auction will go on before it closes, so you should be ready to set a cap on the number of bids you want to place. Having said that, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever end up paying full price for an item using DealDash.

However, what if you LOSE an auction? Are you just out of luck, having wasted your money for no reason? Not exactly.

DealDash Offers Real Deals

If you lose out on an auction but you really want the item, DealDash offers the Buy It Now option where you can purchase the item for its original price. Doing so ensures you get the item, with free shipping, while all the bids you spent on the item auction are returned to your account. That way, you can always walk away with something you want.

Will you win every time with DealDash? It’s unlikely, but considering the potential savings, you could find some good deals utilizing their platform.

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