Denim Apron Made Out Of Blue Jeans

The day that I made Peanut Clusters, I was wearing my favorite pair of Silver Jeans. When I asked my daughter to help me put the cream cheese centers into the peanut clusters, she noticed what I was wearing and asked, “Did you wear those jeans out in public today?” Why yes I had, to Walmart to get the ingredients I needed to finish my holiday baking. Well, lo and behold, I had a huge rip down the back seam with my butt cheek exposed! How did I not notice this? I hope I don't end up on the People of Walmart website!

My jeans were unrepairable, so I gave them to my mom thinking she may be able to use them for patching or crafts. And she surprised me by making me a denim apron out of my old blue jeans!

Blue Jean Apron

She cut open the leg of the pants, using the bottom of the hem as the top of the apron (so just one pant leg was used in the apron). And she moved the back pocket from the discarded piece to the bigger pant leg sides for aesthetic reasons. The pocket is quite useful for Kleenexes if needed while cooking!

Mom made her own bias tape out of printed fabric to trim the apron and use as the tie strings. Watch for a new blog post on how to make your own bias tape. Boughten bias tape would've worked, too, but the printed floral fabric was a good contrast with the denim.

My mom made me an apron out of my old favorite jeans!

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And now my favorite pair of old blue jeans is now my favorite new apron!

Denim Apron Made Out Of Blue Jeans

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