Handprint-Footprint Eagle Homemade Tshirt Design

Handprint & Footprint Eagle Tshirt Design

Every year, my mom has helped make matching tshirts as a craft project with the grandkids to wear for the 4th of July. This year, she got the whole family involved so we had matching shirts to wear to our annual family reunion and to the 4th of July parade.

Handprint & Footprint Eagle Tshirt Design

This year’s 4th of July tshirt theme was creating a bald eagle with fabric paint and everyone’s footprint and handprints to create a personalized custom homemade tshirt for everyone.

Handprints and Footprints Eagle Tshirt Design

First, my mom bought everyone gray tshirts for the “canvas” of our craft project. We then used white fabric paint for the footprint to make the eagle’s body and brown fabric paint for the handprints (minus the thumb) to make the eagle’s wings.

Handprint & Footprint Eagle Tshirt Design

We added a yellow beak and eye to the bald eagle with yellow fabric paint and black fabric paint. We added everyone’s names and year (2017) to the homemade tshirts as well.

Handprint & Footprint Eagle Tshirt Design

If you mess up the names (which happened to us on a couple of occassions), you can add “fireworks” to cover up the mistake. Simply take an empty toilet paper tube and cut up the sides and fan them out to dip into paint.

Handprint & Footprint Eagle Tshirt Design

See example above of using a toilet paper tube to create fireworks on tshirts with fabric paint. You don’t have to make a mistake to add fireworks either!

Family Dressed Alike for Family Reunion

And here’s our family wearing our homemade tshirts to the family reunion! Have a safe and fun 4th of July!

Handprint-Footprint Eagle Homemade Tshirt Design,/div>

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