How To Save Money On Clothing

How To Save Money On Clothing

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Last updated on April 7, 2021

How To Save Money On Clothing

A good wardrobe is important for many reasons, but usually it is because either our work demands a professional wardrobe, or because we just like to look great. The typical joke about a woman’s shoe closet is, actually, quite accurate. So, how can you dress professionally, or simply dress to look great, and still save money on clothing? Here are some pointers.

Don't Use Credit

If you have a department store credit card, cut it up. I know, you probably won’t, but that credit card STARTS OFF with the highest interest rates allowed by law. In addition, department store credit companies are not very cooperative when it comes to negotiating for a lower rate. If you must use a credit card, use your regular MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or other card. Check the interest rate on your cards ahead of time, and select the lowest rate for your purchases. Otherwise, anything you buy will actually cost about twice as much as you originally paid for it. That is, unless you are one of the few people who actually pay off all of your credit card balances every month. Consider taking cash for your shopping spree. Not only will you spend less, you won’t have interest to pay on your purchase. This also applies if you're remodeling your home.

Build A Basic Wardrobe

You can save a lot of money on your wardrobe by buying basic pieces. For instance, the right jacket can go with skirts, slacks, and even jeans. It will look different n each of the outfits, because it’s being used in a different context. The key is to save the accent, or memorable pieces, for just that. If you buy a dramatic looking winter coat, people will notice it every time you wear it. It’s the same with your jacket. If you choose a particularly memorable jacket, and it’s the only one you have, people will begin to notice if you wear it every day. If, however, you use accessories to add variety to your wardrobe, you can save a lot of money. So, select slacks, jackets, and skirts that can all work together. Add a selection of blouses to bring varieties of color and prints to your look. And then, accessorize.


Accessories are one of the easiest ways to bring variety to your wardrobe, and to dress it up. Scarves, belts, bags, and shoes will update a look and bring texture and color into the mix. Jewelry, as well, is a useful tool in mixing up your wardrobe.

Limit Branding

If you have a particularly expensive handbag, you don’t have to follow up with an expensive wardrobe, too. In fact, quite often, you can have just one expensive item of clothing or accessories and dress up the whole outfit. That’s one reason so many women like to wear fine jewelry – diamonds, platinum, and semi-precious stones bring a look of elegance to and outfit, and you can wear them with everything. You may also consider a signature jacket, just be sure not to wear it all the time.

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