Meet Nathan Engles aka MrCoupon from Extreme Couponing on TLC

Mr Coupon from WeUseCoupons

I recently had the opportunity to ask Nathan Engels from a few interview questions about his appearance on The Learning Channel’s Extreme Couponing hit show…

ShoppingKim: Did TLC approach you about Extreme Couponing or did you approach them?
MrCoupon: They approached me!  I was honestly surprised!

ShoppingKim: Did you get paid for being on the show?
MrCoupon: The first show I did not get paid, the second show I was compensated.  But to that point, it wasn’t anything fantastic, my weekly check from my job was significantly more than what they paid. LOL.  No getting rich!  I’m not allowed to disclosure what we were paid though, I wish I could!!

ShoppingKim: What is your take on the allegations against J’aime Kirlew on possible coupon fraud?
MrCoupon: I’m not a happy camper!  I wrote this article soon after I found out!

ShoppingKim: And last but not least, what do you plan to do with over one thousand tubes of toothpaste?!
MrCoupon: There were all donated to Operation TroopAid.  It’s a bummer that wasn’t shown, but you can see behind the scenes pictures here.

Thanks Nathan for answering my questions! You can find out more about Nathan at his website:

I've had people ask if they'll see me on the Extreme Couponing show?! Honestly, I don't think I am “extreme” enough for them to even consider me. Sure I stockpile items that our family can use  when the occasion arises, but I don't invest in extra newspaper inserts or dumpster dive. Like most, I just don't have time.  I'm content with my $6 Target Trips (and note that I use mostly printable manufacturer coupons).  I think I have a better chance of starring on a reality show for shoe addicts or a show about making money online. 🙂

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