I just received the following email from a subscriber after I sent out the latest version of ShoppingBookmarks’ newsletter entitled Big Bang Boom Hot Deals & Freebies:

“i think its incredibly awful to entitle your email big bang boom when people were in fact killed today from a big bang boom – you should formally apologize – disgusting”

I do apologize if I offended anyone with that Subject Title. When I wrote that, I was trying to think of catchy subject line, and “Big Bang Boom” came to mind as that is the name of a local fireworks celebration. It, by no means, meant any harm to anyone.

Also, I would like to point out that it literally takes hours for our newsletter to get sent from the server to our thousands and thousands of readers. That is why once in awhile some good deals are in fact expired by the time it reaches your inbox.

I sent this particular newsletter out today before I even heard about the tragic attack in London. My thoughts, prayers and condolences are indeed with all those affected by this awful tragedy.