How To Shop For Winter Clothes Without Compromising On Style

How To Shop For Winter Clothes Without Compromising On Style

When the cold weather hits, all we want to wear is nice warm clothes that are comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. You can use this time of year to completely reinvent your style. Use these tips to help you choose an effortlessly stylish outfit whilst still remaining comfortable.

You can always try to find a personal stylist to help you with a wardrobe. Having a personal stylist is great when you live in a big city like London, where you might not always have the time to shop.

  • Cozy knitwear – An essential part of any winter wardrobe is having a really comfy piece of knitwear. Opt for a simple design so that you can wear it with anything, and even dress it up or wear it as an outfit for work. You can even get thermal knitwear if you really want to stay warm.
  • Layers – The most fool-proof way of staying warm and stylish in winter is using layers. Putting a long jacket with a jumper underneath looks effortless and stylish. This year capes are very much in style, which are great for layering and warmth.
  • Chunky heels – It’s time to put the skyscraper stilettos away for the year. Carrie Bradshaw may be able to run round Manhattan in them, but they certainly aren’t a practical winter shoe. A beautiful pair of winter boots with a nice chunky heel is essential to any winter wardrobe.
  • Use your summer clothing – It may sound crazy, but you can still use your summer clothing as a base layer for your winter style. You don’t need to completely overhaul your wardrobe every season. Pair a summer dress with thermals and tights to stay warm but still look super stylish.
  • Accessorise – Any outfit can be dressed up using the right accessories. And winter accessories are brilliant. There is an abundance of hats, scarves, gloves and broaches that can elevate any winter outfit straight into style.
  • Fur and leather – Winter is the perfect time to bring out the faux fur coats and the leather boots. These items never go out of fashion, they’re extremely warm and are always stylish in the winter.

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