Ten Money Saving Tips via Twitter

Saving Money Tips Via Twitter

Do YOU follow me on Twitter yet?! If not, what are you waiting for?! But if so, you may have seen that I recently tweeted out the following question…

shoppingkim What is your best money saving tip (in under 140 characters)? Reply & I’ll include your tips/names/links on my blog!

And here were some of the responses (in alphabetical order of submitters):

1. @clippergirl56 Always use store and manufacturer’s coupons in conjunction with sale prices in order to get rock bottom prices.

2. @ifindgreatdeals Best Money Saving Tip: Make your own cleaning solution out of vinegar & water.

3. @jencrutch we try to eat as much as possible from fridge/freezer/cupboards before shopping again. Spend way less this way.

4. @littlenomads leave the wallet at home!

5. @madamedeals Go in with a plan, never pay full price and stick to your budget. Remember it is not how much you save, but what you spend!

6. @savinginakron best savings tip is to always have a plan before you shop and never shop hungry.

7. @SavingwithAmy Use a coupon if possible, don’t buy smethg just b/c you have a coupon, buy items on sale, have a list, know the sales

8. @shoeaholics Shopping tip: You can get shoes for 85 cents at the bowling alley. ~Author Unknown http://ow.ly/1atPS 🙂

9. @thecouponhigh Shop at drug stores. Although you might think prices are higher you can get many things cheap or free with their deals.

10. @Timothy_Jones Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Seriously, I buy some of the craziest stuff when I do that…

What’s YOUR best money saving tip? Tell me @ShoppingKim or leave a comment below!

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