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10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

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Bridal showersare a time for the bride’s closest girls to gather together and celebrate the upcoming nuptials. It’s a party and there is food, drinks, music and a splash of silliness sometimes. There are also gifts because what is a party without them?

Need ideas on what should you bring for the beautiful bride-to-be?

Finding unique and exciting gifts can be challenging if the couple has lived together for a while and seem to have everything. You can go traditional, which would be buying something useful for the home. Or you can get creative and wrap up a contemporary gift like artwork or a luxury gift basket.

Many couples these days have a bridal registry which can be great to find the perfect gift. But if you really want to surprise the bride, you can go with your own idea and give her something she didn’t know she wanted until that sweet moment she had it in her hands.

10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

1. Personalized Mugs & Cups

We love these Mr. and Mrs. cups that will make the newlyweds smile every time they use them. They can be used for hot or cold drinks and alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, so basically, the couple could use them all day long, from breakfast coffee time to seductive Kahlua nightcaps. It’s a wonderful wedding gift set that comes with two tumblers, a card, wine opener, stainless steel straws and a cleaning brush.

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2. Luxury Bridal Subscription Box

What if one gift just isn’t enough? How about a monthly curated box of beautiful gift items that the bride to be can enjoy from the day of her engagement all the way up until the big wedding day! The Maeven Bridal Box has created the dreamiest gift subscription with each box delivering 6-8 items for her to enjoy from jewelry to wedding themed decor, ring box, wedding planner book and more! Shop the Maeven Box.

3. Personalized Linens – Pillowcases and Robes

Personalized Linens - Pillowcases and Robes

Personalized linens such as pillowcases, robes and towels make a very luxurious and special present for the bridal shower.

You can go wrong with classic colors like white and navy. Or find out if there is a color theme for the wedding (usually the bride’s favorite tones). Checking the registry to see what colors they like for bedding and bathroom items is another clue you can take before you shop on Etsy to find perfect gifts like these personalized pillowcases.

You can add the couple’s name and wedding date, lovebird nicknames they use for each other, or other fun, romantic or sentimental words. There are no limits to how you can personalize linens and you can be traditional or creative when it comes to customizing this gift.

4. Picnic Basket

There is nothing more romantic and lovely than packing a picnic on a summery day and heading for a quiet place to connect and enjoy nature. A picnic basket is a great bridal shower gift idea as it encourages the newlyweds to take time for themselves. If you are lucky, you might be invited along too!

We love the rustic checkered designs and also the chic navy and white stripes. You can purchase picnic sets already made up or make your own.

5. Entryway Sign Featuring The Couples New Married Name

Newlyweds love seeing and hearing the words that remind them of their new statuses like Mr & Mrs, husband and wife and Just Married. An entryway sign featuring their new married name is a sentimental and thoughtful gift. Etsy is the place to shop and here is an example that is stylish, modern and eye-catching. Wood and elegant calligraphy are timeless and will be proudly displayed in their home for many years to come.

6. Beach Items

If the dreamy honeymoon happens to include some beach days, put together a fun-spirited beach bag of essential items. Thoughtful items to include are monogrammed beach towels, luxury lotions, sunscreen and even a gift certificate for a couples massage while away.. Pack it all up in a bright and cheery beach bag for a bridal shower gift you can be sure nobody else has thought of for the couple.

If the honeymoon or destination wedding are in beach location, put together a beach bag of essential items. Things that should be included are: monogrammed beach towels, a set of lotions, sunscreen, a brand new bathing suit for the bride, and a certificate for a massage while on vacation.

Monogrammed Boho Beach Towel - Monogrammed Beach Towel - Personalized Beach Towel - Boho Beach Towel

7. Recipes

What’s cooking in the bride’s kitchen? Purchase a beautiful recipe book with blank pages if the bride or groom loves to cook. They can write down their favorite recipes, add new ones and keep a record of all their most delicious dishes cooked up in their first year of marriage. The wooden cover can be engraved with the family name or any other text. To personalize the gift further, write down some of your family’s favorite recipes to share with the new couple.

8. Spa Certificate

Giving a spa certificate as a bridal party gift is a gesture that any bride would adore. Wedding planning comes with some stress and it can be nice for the bride to unwind before the big day, or it can be used after the wedding. If you afford a couple spa treatment package, the gift will be extra special.

9. Basket of Wine with Glasses

If the couple enjoys wine, a beautiful basket with various wines is a creative and luxurious gift. Mix it up with a nice Chardonnay, Moscato and some high-quality Cabernets. Include a set of elegant wine glasses and a corkscrew in the gift basket as well and watch the bride’s face light up when she sees your fantastic gift.

10. Mr & Mrs Aprons for the Cook

Summer is here and grilling is a great reason to invite friends and family over for the evening. Imagine how much fun the couple will have wearing these Mr & Mrs Aprons. What a fun and flirty gift that also comes with a recipe book, oven mitts and pot holder all wrapped up in a fancy black gift box. It’s a sizzling hot bridal shower gift for the newlyweds.

DELUXY Mr and Mrs Aprons  

11. Personalized Key Hook

Personalised Wedding Gift Key Hook, personalised key holder, new home gift, anniversary gift, personalised key hook

One of the coolest monogrammed items is a personalized key hook. We shouldn’t mention that someone who always loses their keys, but having a place to keep them will help the newlyweds get out of the house with less effort. It can feature their initials and includes handy hooks for car keys, house keys and extras. It’s a wonderful bridal shower gift or wedding gift for the couple that is practical and cool.

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10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas
10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas
10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

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