10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal showers typically come before a wedding. It is tradition to invite the bride’s closest female family and friends to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. Usually, there is food, beverages, and the opening of gifts. Need some bridal shower gift ideas?

Everyone wants to bring a gift that wows and excites the bride. Traditional bridal shower gift ideas options are great, but contemporary gifts are creative. Of course, always check the bride’s registry to get an idea of what gifts or themes she wants. Most of the bridal shower gifts tend to be for the couple and are useful. How many monogrammed towels can a couple need?

10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

  1. Personalized Pillow Cases

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Most couples get personalized towels and robes. These are creative and likely to excite the couples. Check out the colors of the desired bed set on the registry. Find an embroiderer or shop on Etsy to personalize the cases. Add their last name and their wedding date on the pillows. These will be so adorable in their new bedroom!

  1. Picnic Basket

There are some lovely picnic baskets you can purchase for the newlyweds. Picnic basket sets are perfect for those evening they decide to go to the lake for a quick dip or to relax in the sun. You can either purchase an already made up set or make your own.

  1. Basket of Bedroom Games

Intimacy is a natural and important part of marriage. It holds couples together! Intimacy should also be a fun part of marriage, so why not put together a basket of game ideas for them to play together? Include some wedding chocolates or lingerie from an online lingerie store to complete the gift. This is sure to make the bride (and groom) happy!

  1. Beach Items

Monogrammed Boho Beach Towel - Monogrammed Beach Towel - Personalized Beach Towel - Boho Beach Towel

If the honeymoon destination happens to be a beach, put together a beach bag of essential items. Things that should be included are: monogrammed beach towels, a set of lotions, sunscreen, a brand new bathing suit for the bride, and a certificate for a massage while on vacation.

  1. Recipes

Purchase a beautiful recipe book that is blank. This is a great gift for those people who love to cook. It is a place they can write down their favorite recipes. To personalize the gift, write down some of your family’s favorite recipes to share with the new couple.

  1. Spa Certificate

Wedding planning is stressful. It is easy for the bride and groom to get swept up in all the details and forget to take care of themselves. Purchase a certificate carefully based on their main criteria for the bride or maybe a couple’s certificate.

  1. Basket of Wine with Glasses

If the couple enjoys wine, a creative gift is to give them a beautiful basket with a variety of wines. Pick a few different selections to include, such as a Chardonnay, Moscato, and Cabernets. Include a set of wine glasses and a corkscrew into the basket as well.

  1. Camping Set

Are the couple outdoor adventurers? Put together a set of camping essentials and fun items for them to take along with them on their next adventure. Things to include in the set are: a tent for two, sleeping bags, fire starters or a lighter, grilling accessories, bug spray, and an emergency first aid kit.

  1. Barbeque Essentials

Summer is here and grilling is a great reason to invite friends and family over for the evening. Besides a grill, you can put together a basket of essentials for those evenings. Every grill master needs a set of grill utensils, along with a variety of barbeque sauces.

  1. Personalized Key Hook

Personalised Wedding Gift Key Hook, personalised key holder, new home gift, anniversary gift, personalised key hook

One of the coolest monogrammed items is a personalized key hook. They can hang this beside their entrance. It will have their initials and a few hooks to hold their car key, house keys and extras.

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10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas10 Awesome Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

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