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10 Easy Diamond-Buying Tips That Will Save You Money

10 Easy Diamond-Buying Tips That Will Save You Money

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So, you want to shower your lady love with diamonds. Well, there is nothing more she could love. But, are you afraid of getting ripped off? Or, do you not want to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on something worldly.

Although diamonds are elegant, flawless, and sophisticated, there is no denying that they are expensive. The price of diamonds is skyrocketing. No one wants to splurge that amount of money on diamonds.

But, that doesn't mean you cannot buy diamonds. Yes, you can gift your special someone a diamond ring even if you are on a budget. There are wide varieties of diamonds available in the market, making the selection of diamond ornaments limitless.

It must seem impossible to you. But it is not. With just a few and simple tips, you can save hundreds of bucks and give someone they will cherish for a lifetime. If you think getting a deal on engagement rings can lower your proposal's charm, you are wrong. Getting a less expensive ring won't mean you love your girl any less! It just means you know how to save for your bright future.

So, how do you do this? How do you save a lot more than just a few bucks while buying diamonds? Well, we will tell you how.

Here are easy and straightforward diamond-buying tips that will save you a lot of money. So, let's get started.

1. Consider Diamonds With Low Carat Weight

The price of diamonds significantly depends on the carat weight, which has symbolic significance. 1-carat diamonds are much expensive than 0.90-carat diamonds. This 10% increase in carat size can hugely affect the price of diamonds.

If you want a big aft diamond on the ring, you must get prepared to spend more. Rarity also creates an exponential difference in the price of diamonds.

When diamonds reach certain weight thresholds such as 0.75 and 1 carat, they become more expensive.

So, while you shop for diamonds, make sure to buy below these thresholds. For instance, if you buy a 0.90-carat diamond instead of 1 carat, it can save nearly 25%. Add in the weight, and you can save a lot more.

2. Opt For Low Clarity Diamond

Diamond quality determines how free the diamond is from blemishes and inclusions. Although flawless diamond symbolizes your perfect love, they are costly.

All diamonds have some inclusion, which might fall in the category of Slightly Included (SI), Very Slightly Included (VSI), and Very Very Slightly Included (VVSI). You can only observe some of these under a magnification of 10 times.

While shopping, you can go for these inclusion categories of diamonds, and you will surely save more money than you would have earlier thought.

3. Color of the Diamond

Further, you save some more money if you consider the color of the diamond. No one notices the color of the diamond once it is in the ring. So, opt for lower grade color if you don't want to make a dent in your pocket.

4. Don't Forget the Insurance

It's always safer to be sorry. Or, you can say prevention is better than cure. No matter which ring or pendant you choose, that sparkle on the hand of your would-be is precious, so it is in your duty to get insurance for it.

Make sure you have insurance for your diamonds. This way, you will be covered if something terrible happens to your ornaments. It would be best if you always get insurance for your ring. Otherwise, the awful moment when damage or loss occurs will strike so much harder.

Check with your insurer and read your current insurance policy to see if you can add coverage for the ring to your existing coverage at a low cost. If not, make sure to get a new insurance policy for your diamond jewelry.

5. Think About a Halo

Halo is the setting of a diamond in which a circle of diamonds surrounds the big center diamond. It makes the smaller diamond appear more significant than its actual size. So, if you are short on cash, you can consider diamond rings in a halo setting.

6. Consider Fluorescence

Fluorescence is in the spotlight for a long time in the jewelry industry. The first thing to know is that it is considered a defect, which reduces the diamond price. Nevertheless, unless we are considering strong fluorescence, you will likely not even see or know the difference.

Do you know fluorescence can make diamonds appear a bit whiter? It can be of your advantage if you are buying white diamonds.

You can buy a diamond with a lower color grade and one that is also with fluorescence. Both these qualities will help you save a lot of money. On top of that, no one can see these differences with the naked eye, making your diamond look expensive and flawless.

7. Buy Certified Diamonds

If you want to shop within your budget, make sure to check the certification of your diamonds. You can either go for a GIA certificate or AGS certificate, as these will make sure you are getting genuine jewelry.

8. Don't Skimp On the Cut Of the Diamond

While you can save on carat, color, and clarity of the diamond, you should not compromise with the cut a diamond.

If you are a fan of huge diamonds with incredible sparkle, make sure to invest in a well-cut ring. The cut of the rock depends on the skill with which artisans cut and manufacture the diamonds. The overall proportion, the symmetry, and quality – all these things make the diamond flawless.

A well-cut diamond is bright and lively, which delivers the diamond its so-called sparkle and eye-catchy glitter. It also makes the diamond durable and well-proportioned, making sure you invest in a high-quality diamond with exact carat weight.

The cut of the diamond determines how big the rock will look. So, if your diamond is well-cut, clarity, color, and carat weight don't matter.

9. Decide a Budget

Along with the above advice and tips, make sure to plan before you go out and meet your jeweler. Decide a budget and stick to it.

It will help if you go to a reputable and honest diamond vendor. Make sure their prices are genuine, so you don’t end up spending more.

10. Consider a Colored Gemstone

For a unique and vibrant style, you can also go for colored gemstones. They also look elegant and sophisticated and can save you a lot of money.


So, those were some fantastic tips for buying diamonds the right way. Make sure to keep these tips handy while you go for diamond shopping.

Lastly, to save money, you don't necessarily have to buy cheap diamonds; you have to buy smartly. That's all!

So, get the most beautiful diamond that you can afford and plan a killer proposal. Go somewhere nice and do something romantic, and the love of your life will surely swoon all over it. Make sure to thank us later!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.