13 Insanely Easy And Creative Ways To Save Money Around The House

13 Insanely Easy And Creative Ways To Save Money Around The House

People often complain how they have gone to extreme measures to save money, but that it is not enough. But sometimes, it is the simple things that we change in our lives that have the most effect. Here are some of the best and easiest money saving tips.

Organize Your Pantry

Repurpose empty containers to organize the clutter in your pantry. This way you will have a better idea what things you need to buy and the food will be less likely to go past its expiration date.  

Buy Supplies in Bulk

Once you have organized your pantry, you can go shopping. Buying in bulk will always get you the best per unit price. However, avoid buying fresh items in bulk unless you intend to use them straight away.

Stop Buying Bottled Water

Removed this money sucker from your shopping list. If you are concerned about the quality of tap water, install a sink filter. It is a win for your wallet and for the environment, too.

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Start a Vegetable Garden

Saving money on food is not the only advantage of growing your own garden. It also means eating healthier, organic vegetables. Not to mention that it is a fun hobby.

Brown-Bag to Work

Brown bagging is much cheaper than going out to lunch. Besides, it can help you have better control of the things you eat and stick with a healthy diet.

Landscape with Transplants

Upgrade your curb appeal by dividing larger plantings and spreading them. Or ask your friends or neighbors if they have any spare plants that you could transplant.

Make Your Own Cleaners

Instead of wasting money on expensive brand names, do some chemistry. A little vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice can go a long way. As a bonus, you avoid inhaling harmful vapors from synthetic cleaners.

Do Mom Swap for Kid Stuff

As a mom, you know that younger kids get bored with toys quickly. Instead of getting rid of those things your kids no longer want to play with and buying new, find other parents who are willing to swap with you.

Collect Spare Change

Keep a jar in a prominent place and throw in any loose change. Occasionally remember to check your pockets and junk drawers for coins. Every few months use the change you collected towards groceries.

Recycle for Cash

Regular recycling can bring you rewards in the form of coupons for restaurants, or discounts at supermarkets. But there are also companies that collect bulk garbage, especially electronics, and give you cash in exchange.

Do a Maintenance Run On Your Plumbing

Check the pipes and valves to make sure nothing is clogging them. Clearing blocked drains in time will extend their service life, saving you money on replacement costs.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

There is no need to buy special detergents intended for cold washing since most detergents will work just as well in cold water as they would in hot. Plus, cold water does not bleach your clothes, so you get to save money on energy costs as well as on renewing your wardrobe.

Plug Electronics into Power Strips

It is estimated that standby energy drain costs us about $100 per year. One way to reduce this expense is to plug in appliances only when you are about to use them. To avoid unplugging them one by one in the evening, keep all electronics plugged into one power strip which you can easily turn off.

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Do you have any more money-saving tips to add?

13 Insanely Easy And Creative Ways To Save Money Around The House

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