15 best video editing software and apps for any budget in 2020

The future of marketing your products is going to be digital. It is all going to put into videos and images for your audience. For videos, you need a good team that knows how the video is being shot. One has to know it all, and for that, you have to hire freelancers. They can help you create engaging videos for your small business on any budget.

Camera equipment is an important thing to focus on when deciding the budget. But, not even a RED camera can give you amazing videos without having the skills to make one. Either you have to learn about video making or editing in Invideo, or you can go out and hire freelance professionals. Here are the apps that you need to know to create fantastic content –


1) InVideo

This tool does wonders for your YouTube videos. Trust me; this is the best you can get with all the best features on a cost-effective budget. However, it has proper tools for various social media which makes it a perfect tool for marketing. Be it an advertisement or a video tribute for the audience; you can make it using this Online movie maker. Additionally, this app has a huge community where you can get support to add new features and quick edits to videos.



Well, with this tool, you can edit your videos with a few basic features but not all of them. Nevertheless, its the place to start for a beginner as it has an easy to use UI for the user. They are the best among all to provide you with unique features. Filters are also available to add to your clips, and you can also add slow motion to pre-recorded clips with it.


3) iMovie

iMovie is an Apple product that is available only on iOS and macOS. You can turn simple into something interesting with some cool effects of iMovies. There are various features to use here, which can make your videos look alive. Be it an advertisement or a video tribute for the audience; you can make it using this Online movie maker on your Mac OS.


4) Shotcut

Shotcut is easy to use, and as per the name, this tool is best for beginners. It is not any shortcut or something, but the tools are less technical. However, people who are just getting started can use Shotcut to make videos without many efforts.


5) Magisto

If you want an automatic tool for you, Magisto is the go-to software. There are many features you can find in Magisto to make your creative videos. And, all you have to do is add clips and pictures for the video. Select music and the software will automatically fit in all the footage and images. It will be set as per the music selected by the user.


6) Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe is one of the most professional platforms making graphics for all types of content. Nevertheless, the premiere clip is a free tool that you can use to edit your videos and images. Even a beginner can get professional content out of a fantastic tool like this.


7) Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro has the best in market media output with thousands of formats to choose from. However, no one can ever get disappointment by such software. With advanced features, you can change the colours of a video as per your need. You can also add some interesting transitional effects to blend in every frame of the video perfectly.


8) Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is an advanced online movie maker tool to edit videos on your macOS. The tool also offers a lot of features like trimming, crop, add effects, or add a transition to any of the videos. However, there are various sets of tools that can help you colour grade the footage.


9) PowerDirector

The tool is a powerful video editor that can be easily used to create unique effects. Additionally, there are many other features in the tool. Along with that, you can also add and cut the clips as per your preference.


10) Lightworks

Lightworks was used to make several movies in its peak time. However, it is not as strong as a modern tool, but the old effects and things are still alive within the tool. So, go on and use it to create incredible videos for your social media.


11) Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is developed by Sony Entertainment Media and is used to edit high-end videos. Also, most of the long term projects are handled using this very software. And, you can always opt for plug-ins in this tool to help you add effects and new colours to your videos.


12) Blender

3-D modelling always attracts the audience on your websites and social media accounts. You can use this tool to make such art for your brand. Make sure you take proper notes from tutorials and use your creativity to unfold new content.


13) Adobe After Effects

This tool is mainly used to create short videos. Every framework need creativity in After Effects, and this is an animation tool to add cool effects to your videos.


14) DaVinci Resolve

Were you looking out for a tool to colour grades your videos in all types? So, here is the tool for you to blend in videos to the mood. Moreover, set up the tones just like you want with this colour grading tool. You can also trim and edit the videos with good music as per your preferences.


15) Adobe Rush

 Adobe Rush is a mobile software where you can create small videos. It is for people who travel while creating content on their phones. Then, install Rush and import all the videos into it. It will add the clips in sequence and then add music. Edit the video, and you will surely enjoy the output.

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