20+ Places To Sell Used Electronics For Cash

20 Places To Sell Used Electronics For Cash

Remember when I won a new iPad? I was so excited, but now, some 4+ years later, new iPad models have been released and many iOS apps no longer work on my first generation iPad. So I started looking online for a place to sell my old iPad to invest into a newer model, and boy did I find a lot of sites that offer to buy used electronics, so I thought I'd compile a list of them all in case any of you want to earn some extra cash for your old electronics.  All twenty of the following sites allow you to request a quote online and then will provide postage paid options to send in the items into them for payment.

Sell Used Electronics for Cash

  1. Adorama – Pays cash for Photo and Video Equipment
  2. Amazon – Trade-in Electronics, Movies & TV, Textbooks, Video Games and/or Music for Amazon Gift Cards
  3. BestBuy – Trade-in at store or online for gift card
  4. BuyBackWorld – Payment via Check or Paypal within 48 hours of inspection
  5. Costco
  6. Decluttr – Sell CDs, DVDs, Games, Books & Tech with Free Shipping and Next Day Payments
  7. eBay – If your phone sells for less than eBay's trending price, you will get a coupon for the difference. And if your phone doesn't sell, you get a $100 coupon
  8. ePelican – Get an extra $10 for your trade-in with Code: Linked10
  9. GameStop – Trade in Games, Systems, Smartphones, Tablets and more instore for Credit or Cash
  10. Gazelle – Sell Phones and Electronics for Cash plus refer friends for $25
  11. Glyde – Sell used phones, tablets and video games.
  12. iReTron
  13. ItsWorthMore
  14. KEH – Sell Camera gear for cash
  15. Maxback
  16. OrangeOffer
  17. Orchard – They offer to pay more money for your smartphone than any other trade-in offer plus shipping to them is free and you'll get promptly paid via PayPal, check or Interac e-transfer.
  18. Target Trade in Program – Trade-in at select store locations or online. Items accepted are iPhones, Samsung Smartphones, iPads, iPods, Other Smartphones, Tablets and e-Readers, Video Games, Apple Laptops and PC Laptops.
  19. Verizon Wireless – Trade in old cell phone or electronic device in exchange for a Verizon Wireless Electronic gift card (We traded in my daughter's iPhone 4 for $200 credit when she upgraded for the iPhone 6 which was $199.99, so it was basically free after trade in!)
  20. Walmart – Gadgets to Gift Cards – Get a gift card when you trade in video games, cell phones and more in-store and online

I ended up going with Amazon as they offered the highest buy back price, and I can always use Amazon gift cards. Yes, I got a quote from each and every one of the above online places that offer buybacks (it honestly didn't take very long) to find the best deal.

Do you have any old electronics laying around that you could sell for cash? 

Sell Electronics for Cash!

Sell Your Old Electronics For Cash!


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