4 Serious Pains You Can Blame Your Smartphone For

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4 Serious Pains You Can Blame Your Smartphone For

Our smartphones have become an extension of our hands. We never leave the house without a smartphone in our hand. We always have them whenever we’re riding on public transportation to keep ourselves entertained. We even have them in our hands as we’re going to bed in order to watch some videos from the day before. Even though smartphones have given us so many benefits in our lives, there are some pretty negative pains that you might be experiencing when concerning your smartphone. Even though we now have access to social networks at any time we want, we have extra neck pain because we constantly look down at our phones. Even though we can pull up our GPS and get to where we’re going with no trouble, there’s something new called “Phantom Vibration Symptom” that many people experience.

With all of the pains that you might be experiencing with your smartphone, it’s important to know how you can fight off these pains and improve them. Keep reading down below to take the first step and learn about the serious pains that you can blame your smartphone for.

4 Serious Pains You Can Blame Your Smartphone For

  1. Feeling A Phantom Vibration In Your Pocket When There’s Nothing

Have you ever felt your phone vibrating in your pocket and pulled it out only to find that there are no notifications of texts or other messages? This might be something that you think only you experience, but it’s actually a syndrome that many people experience around the world. Thanks to our constant dependency on our smartphones, a huge amount of people are experiencing these phantom vibrations. Now, this is not such a serious pain that will require any kind of medical care. However, this does show that many of us are way too dependent on our smartphones.

In fact, it’s been shown that those people who feel these phantom vibrations are much more likely to feel anxious when they don’t have notifications on our phones. You suddenly feel much more stressed and anxious when you don’t feel vibrations or see notifications for a while. This is something that does require some extra attention in order to break this addiction. And in fact, many medical professionals would count this stress and anxiety as part of your addiction to your smartphone. And like any other addiction, this is one that you’ve definitely got to deal with before it gets worse.

  1. Having Computer Vision Syndrome

Another big pain that you can blame your smartphone for is something called computer vision syndrome. This is the effect that comes with staring at your smartphone or your computer for long periods of time without looking away. This might be when you’re lying in bed at night watching some videos or when you’re checking the news on your phone in the subway or when you’re looking at electronic health records at work. When you do this, you are going to start experiencing more blurry vision, tired eyes, and you may even put yourself at extra risk for a stigmatism in your eyes. We all know that it’s no good to stare at digital screens for long periods of time, but how many of us actually believe this?

Well, you don’t have to believe it for it to be true. When you stare at your smartphone screen for too long, you are going to be putting your vision at risk. Make sure to always take breaks for staring at digital screens if you want to protect your vision. For example, put the phone away when you’re getting ready for bed and opt for reading a book instead. Or have a rule that you never look at your phone directly for more than 1 minute on the train ride for work.

  1. Pain In Your Neck

Think about the regular position that you use to look at your smartphone. If you’re like most people, then you look at your smartphone with your neck down. Whether this be sitting in the dentist’s office waiting for your appointment or at your desk at work, sitting or standing in this position is going to give you some serious neck pain over the years. This bad posture can lead to chronic pain for the rest of your life, so it’s crucial that you fix this problem before it gets too late.

The best way that you’re going to be able to solve this problem is to just raise your smartphone! When you look at your phone, don’t look down at it. Rather, you should be looking straight at your phone or at a higher angle than straight down. In addition to that, you might forget that you have a wide range of motion in your eyesight. You are able to look down at your phone without having to tilt your head so much. Try it the next time you move your neck down to text that message!

  1. Serious Back Pain Issues Thanks To Your Smartphone

If you’ve been feeling more back pain than normal lately, then it may have been caused by your smartphone. In addition to moving your neck downward when looking at your phone, you are moving your shoulders and your back in a downward motion. When you do this, all of those muscles in your back are clenching forward. This is going to result in tons of back pain and plenty of doctor’s visits in the future. Make sure that you are holding your back straight back whenever you look at your smartphone to fix this problem. Focusing on your posture is going to ensure that your back muscles are relaxed and not so tensed up all of the time.

Seeing a chiropractor does help a lot in regards to lower back pain, spinal dysfunction, joint pain and more.

You might think that having a smartphone is one of the best things in your life. However, even though smartphones have brought so many good things into our lives, there are also some negative pains that come with using one. Above, you just learned about the biggest pains that come with using a smartphone. Make sure to keep them in mind and you’re going to be much better off the next time that you use your phone.

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