When we’re thumbing through interior design magazines or we’re watching Martha Stewart on the Hallmark Channel, it’s understandable why there’s this feeling that comes over us that suddenly makes us think that we have the ability (and the money) to totally redecorate our home in a way that will make us look like we are the true experts.

Yet, once we close the publication or turn off of the television and reality sets back in, we start to understand why some people are considered to be professionals and why we need to work within our limitation. However, limited doesn’t mean any less fabulous.

We did some researching for you and discovered five inexpensive Do-It-Yourself home decorating ideas that will have your guests thinking that you have a gift of design that they never knew about. Check these out:

Create a “first year canvas”. Whether they are professionally taken or they’re candid shots, pictures are their own work of art because they capture the beauty of our loved ones, pets, scenery and special occasions. So, if you are newly married or you are expecting a baby, why not commit to a year of taking pictures and at the end of that year, mounting them on a canvas with one big photo in the middle? It’s a simple-yet-profound picture to display on your wall.

Make your own Roman shades. Shades (also known as blinds) are not only an energy-efficient addition to a home, but they can also serve as a wonderful visual for just about any room. Although you could go out and purchase some Roman shades, there is a cute website that provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to make them from the comforts of home. Simply go to http://365days2simplicity.blogspot.com and put “no sew Roman shades” in the search field.

Gift wrap a door. Initially, it might sound a bit crazy, but don’t underestimate the power of what some quality gift wrap and a staple gun will do! This is a great idea, especially for a child’s room or a bonus room. You can simply cover the door with the paper (or even fabric) of your choosing and use a staple gun in order to secure it around the edges. You might even want to go to an arts & crafts so that you can accent it with letters that spell works like “Love”, “Peace” or your child’s name. (You could also purchase some chalkboard paint and create a chalkboard door as well.)

Spray paint a chair. If you go to YouTube and put “marble fingernail painting” in the search field, you will be taken to a page that will provide videos on how you can give your nails the “marble effect”. In a similar fashion, you can also create a similar effect with a piece of furniture thanks to the help of a little fabric spray paint. Simple Spray, Spray It New, and Fabric Spray Paint are all websites that carry it. Or you can go to Amazon or Overstock or a local store like Joann’s to purchase fabric spray paint too.

Use the great outdoors. Have you ever gone to a Bed and Breakfast that was basically like one of those private houses to let you rest and relax out in the country? Wasn’t the scenery just beautiful, especially if we went when floors were blooming the spring or leaves were falling in autumn? One of the best décor accessories is nature. You can press flowers and put them into a frame or glue them to a lamp shade; you can also do the same with leaves. The sky is the limit with this suggestion, but if you let your “natural imagination” run wild, you can come up with something that is both unique and cheap. Have fun!