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5 Ways To Make Pajamas A Fun Gift For Kids

5 Ways To Make Pajamas A Fun Gift For Kids

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One thing that kids usually hate to get but grown ups love to give are clothes. Pajamas, socks and underwear are usually the worst for the kids but the things grown ups love the most. There is a way that you can make getting Christmas pajamas for the holidays a fun thing for the kids so that they love them and you will love watching them open them. Here are 5 ways to make giving kids pajamas as a gift for the holidays fun!

1. Combine the Gift and Make It Themed

Instead of going to the department store for your pajamas, find them online at a more reasonable price and that way you can afford to give something like a movie as a gift with them. Not only will the kids enjoy a new Scooby Doo Movie, but they’ll love that they have a comfortable outfit like Scooby Doo pajamas to wear them with.

2. Make Them More Grown Up

One thing that is hard to find and that kids don’t always love are bath robes, especially bath robes for boys and bathrobes for girls. One thing that you can do is buy a robe that looks just like the one that either you or your husband or wife have. Then you can wear it while you are opening presents and say now you can be like Mommy or Daddy. Another way to make a kids robe fun is to give your little girl her first nail polish or spa gift for kids so that they can feel grown up. They will need adult supervision though when using it.

3. Find Matching Slippers

There are tons of really cool animal slippers out there that can double as toys. There are plush stuffed animal ones, cartoon character ones and tons of other types. By taking another toy that you buy for them and finding a pair of animal or themed slippers, you not only make the gift even more fun for the kids, but they’ll love the entire thing.

4. Buy Pajamas That Can Double as a Costume

You can find kids superhero pajamas like superman that come with capes or other accessories. There are also princess pajamas for girls that look like princess gowns. Not only will your kids love getting ready for bed when their pajamas are just like their favorite hero or character, but the pajamas will be like a Halloween costume so they can also double as a toy.

5. Buy Matching Pajamas for Everyone Else in the Family

Ok, this really doesn’t always make them as fun for the kids, but you’ll love it because they make fun photos for your holiday photo albums.

Kids don’t always like to get clothes, especially pajamas for the holidays. Because pajamas aren’t always the most fun gift, you can combine them with toys, buy ones that can double as toys or even just find a fun accessory to go with them like slippers that your kids will love. Not only does this make pajamas an easier gift to give and one that kids may like more, but you’ll love being able to have more fun photos of your kids loving their holiday gifts.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.