5 Ways That Smartphones Are Changing How We Shop

Smartphone Shopping

Do you remember the days when going grocery shopping consisted of writing a list of what foods you wanted to buy or going clothes shopping meant walking from store to store until you saw an article of clothing that caught your attention?

Although it can still be fun to shop “the old-fashioned way”, the reality is that thanks to smartphones, we can do it much more efficiently. This helps us to not only save time, but usually quite a bit more money too.

If you're wondering about some of the ways that smartphones are changing the way that we shop, please keep reading:

You can find coupons online (even as you shop).

One reason why a lot of people do not use coupons as much as they probably should is because they don't find the idea of clipping them out of magazines or printing them off of the internet to be very exciting. But, if you have a smartphone, you can go online to websites like Coupons and seek discounts that you can use right at the checkout line.

Smartphones have some really cool apps.

The amount of apps that are at your disposal to help make shopping a better experience for you are virtually endless. There's AisleBuyer that assists you with self-checkout, Google Shopper that helps you to locate product information and Shopkick which helps you to earn rewards simply for walking in their participating stores.

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It keeps you from making impulse purchases.

The reason why things like magazines, sodas and candy are by the cash registers is because companies know that as you're waiting in line, you're usually looking for something to keep your attention and that if you look at one of those options long enough, you'll probably make a purchase. However, with a smartphone, there's a pretty big chance that you'll be distracted with either a phone conversation or checking your Facebook page or Twitter account instead. (That automatically keeps more money in your pocket.)

You can shop peacefully.

Whether you have something like a Griffin Survivor iPad or a Samsung Galaxy S4, if you're someone who would prefer to not be hassled by a salesperson after you ask them to direct you to a specific thing that you're looking for, then this is just one more reason why having a smartphone is awesome. Pretty much any kind of product information that you're looking for, you can find on your phone. Plus, being that sales associates get paid on commission but cell phones don't, you can use your phone to walk about freely in the store without feeling pressured by it to get something that you really don't want.

Smartphones allow you to shop anywhere.

Thanks to the smooth navigation of a smartphone, you don't have to be in an actual store to get whatever you want. You can do your online shopping at the airport, at your child's soccer game or while relaxing on the couch after a long, hard day. And thanks to promotional code websites like Retail Me Not, you can also get some really great discounts (and perhaps even free shipping) on the orders that you make. Smartphones bring new meaning to “shopping with ease”.

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