6 Phone Accessories That Every Owner Needs

Buying a new smartphone is exciting, as it means new features and upgrades, so how can you make the most out of your new device?

6 Phone Accessories That Every Owner Needs

When you buy a new phone, here are some of the essential cellphone accessories you’ll need for your new gadget.

1. Earbuds

Many newer phones no longer have a headphone jack, such as the newer iPhones and some Samsung models. While many people find this annoying at first, and can’t imagine not having wired earbuds, it’s surprising how popular the wireless versions have become. They stay in your ears nicely and are great when you’re at the gym or exercising, as nothing gets in your way. 

Some phones come with earbuds, and if you’re getting a new contract, see if you can get a pair thrown in for free, as good quality earbuds are a must-have accessory.

2. A portable charger

If you’re someone who panics when your cellphone gets below a certain charge level, then a portable charger is a must. Often small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, you charge up the charger at home, then take it out with you. If you find yourself running low on battery, simply plug it into your phone and off you go.

3. A selfie stick

They’re often the object of ridicule, and you’ll stick out as a tourist, but selfie sticks are really useful for group shots and taking wide angle photos from a height. There are a choice of selfie sticks on the market, from very basic ones where you use your camera’s timer, to Bluetooth models with a button close to your hand. More expensive selfie sticks will double up as a tripod for those important shots.

4. A case and screen protector

When you buy an expensive device, the last thing you want is a cracked screen or ugly scratches and dings. As soon as you’ve ordered your device, visit BodyGuardz for a case and screen protector that’s tailored to your device’s make and model, so if your phone slips out your hand, you don’t end up with a big repair bill. 

5. A phone holder for the car

While you should never use your phone while driving, your phone does have apps that are useful when on the move, from GPS to music streaming. Rather than having your phone on your lap, or somewhere where you’re having to look down to see directions, get a phone holder for your car so it’s in your eye line. You can then put your phone on driving mode, so you aren’t distracted by texts or phone calls when your car is moving. 

6. A bike clip

Cycling enthusiasts can also find it hard to find a place to put their phone, but it’s important to have one on long rides, in case you get lost or have an accident. You can buy cheap clips for your bike that hold your cellphone in place, with waterproof and mudproof covers when you are in rough terrain. 

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