9 Things to Consider Before Booking a Trip to New Zealand

9 Things to Consider Before Booking a Trip to New Zealand

For many travelers, New Zealand is the ultimate getaway. There is adventure galore to be had for all who seek it. However, some do not go prepared, especially when it comes to travel insurance. People have had their luggage lost. Others had to pay extra for flight delays. Still others had to deal with emergencies that cost them a fortune. And it was all because they did not have travel insurance.

A word to the wise: Get travel insurance for your trip to New Zealand! For a long, expensive trip like this, the investment will be worth it, long after the trip is over. Don’t leave home without it.

So what are some things to consider before booking a trip to New Zealand? We will consider nine (9):


  1. What is the total of your non-refundable expenses that you will never get back if something goes wrong? This total is the amount you are going to insure. These expenses can include: flights, hotel stays, all-inclusive vacation packages, extra activities, tour packages and even event tickets bought prior to your departure. You would do well to figure out which ones are refundable regardless, and which ones are not and need to be insured.
  2. Add personal items to your policy. We’re talking about things like your cell phone or laptop. Instead of buying separate policies for these, and if your insurer will allow it, ask them to add these items to your policy.
  3. Do you have a pre-existing health condition? There are two things you need to know here: One, how do they define a pre-existing condition? Two, what impact, if any, does this have on your policy, both in coverage and cost?
  4. Will you have to pay a deductible? If so, how much? You will want to plan on budgeting for this whether you have to pay it or not. But in the event that you do, if something goes wrong, can you cover the deductible to activate the coverage?
  5. Consider using a New Zealand-based insurance company. Who would know travel insurance to New Zealand better – a company in the U.S. or one actually based in New Zealand? The latter is the obvious choice. Your policy will be handled much more efficiently.
  6. What is the company’s procedure for handling claims? When things go wrong during travel, it can be quite stressful. Trying to find this out in the middle of the ordeal can compound the stress. Knowing their procedure beforehand will keep you prepared, even in the middle of the madness.
  7. Is the New Zealand based company licensed? Sounds like a “duh” kind of question, but things happen. If a New Zealand company is not registered and does not display the underwriter rating, be suspicious.
  8. Compare your options. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to choosing travel insurance plans. They might be similar when we talk about cancellations or trip interruptions. However, as it relates to baggage protection limits and emergency medical coverage, the range of those limits can vary greatly.
  9. What is the final cost of your proposed travel insurance plan?  In other words, what kind of value are you getting for your travel insurance for the money you will invest? Can you afford it, when factoring in the mountain of other expenses associated with the trip.


Trips are supposed to be relaxing and fun. Travel can often be stressful and expensive. However, getting good travel insurance for your trip to New Zealand doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Do your homework. Leave no stone unturned. Look at your non-refundable expenses. Consider anything that could affect your coverage and the price of it, like pre-existing conditions, deductibles, etc. Seriously consider using a New Zealand-based insurer, but don’t be afraid to check out their credentials either!

This is your vacation. Don’t allow any oversights to put your travel – and the overall enjoyment of your trip – at risk. Things can and do happen, including emergencies. You don’t want to be unprotected. We at Zoom Travel Insurance will be glad to get you on the right track. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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