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Sites Like Expedia: Alternative Travel Booking Site to Try

Sites Like Expedia: Alternative Travel Booking Site to Try

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Expedia Inc. is an online travel company focusing on travel deals, bookings, rentals, and tickets. The company has a website and mobile app via which you can book airline tickets, car rentals, and hotels. In addition, you can book cruise ships and vacation packages and get resources such as travel reviews and trip fares.

Expedia began operations in 1996 as a division of Microsoft, but it spun off as a public company in 1999. It morphed into the company it is today via several mergers with other companies.

With over 1.2 billion people booking travel yearly and 70% doing it online, sites like Expedia have become popular. Improved internet access fueled many such websites' explosion, providing valuable travel resources for many people.

5 Sites Like Expedia

  1. Orbitz – everything travel
  2. Trip Advisor – best for reviews
  3. – great for hotel bookings
  4. VRBO – best for unique rental properties
  5. Priceline – great for discounts

1. Orbitz – Best for Everything Travel


Orbitz is similar to Expedia, offering similar services on its website and app. You can book airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and holiday packages. The company aggregates prices and deals from its numerous partners, letting you choose your preferred option. In addition, Ortiz provides a reward program where you earn on-site currency, called “Orbucks,” used towards the price of your booking. Furthermore, the company offers a price guarantee and will give you the difference in Orbucks if you find better prices.

2. VRBO – Best for Unique Rental Properties

VRBO offers a property rental service where you can book properties directly from the owners. This direct booking helps you save money as no agents take hefty booking fees as they otherwise would. VRBO lists thousands properties in of cities worldwide. In addition, the company verifies the owners and properties before listing to ensure adequate security.

3. Priceline – Best for Last Minute Deals

Priceline allows you to bid on hotel bookings, thus offering the chance to get greater discounts than usual. The company has a “Name Your Own Price” program, so you can book based on how much you are willing to pay. Priceline offers bookings on hotels, flights, car rentals, and vacation packages.

4. Trip Advisor – Best for Reviews

Although it began as a review site for bookings, Trip Advisor now offers similar services to Expedia. At first, you could only search for bookings, research, and read reviews about them. People who had used the services would write reviews about a specific product, which would help you make your decision. However, after researching, you can now check which booking site has the best prices and book directly from Trip Advisor.

5. – Best for Hotels

Although similar to Expedia, focuses on hotel bookings alone, not car rentals or flights. This focus does little to diminish its influence, as the company has over 650,000 property partners worldwide. In addition, the company offers its services in 41 languages, including other friendly customer services. There are no booking fees, and they provide free changes or booking cancellations. If you subscribe to their newsletters, you could find even better deals.


These sites offer excellent options to Expedia if you seek easy hotel bookings, airline tickets, car rentals, or holiday deals. Some sites provide all the services like Expedia, while some focus on only specific services. However, like Expedia, you are bound to find great deals on these other sites.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.