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7 Antivirus Software Students Should Use

7 Antivirus Software Students Should Use

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Remote learning has increased the threat level that students face online. Cybercriminals are figuring out new ways to hack or steal sensitive information.

Not every website has the necessary level of encryption to ensure its users’ safety. And if you use any online learning platform to help me write my paper, you must protect yourself with antivirus software.

Read on to find out the best antivirus software for your devices.

Why Do You Need Antivirus Software?

According to Norton Security, 39 cyber attacks occur every second, which rounds up to 2200 cyber attacks daily. If that’s not enough to convince you to get antivirus software, here are other reasons to change your mind.

  • You visit websites that request your personal information. Assuming you want to get any educational services online, you will need to share your personal details. Having an antivirus in place will protect your sensitive data from online predators.
  • Many people have access to your device. When many people browse the Internet with your device, you have little control over the sites they visit. And if the antivirus program is not installed, the users could click on phishing sites or download malware.
  • To safeguard your camera. You need reliable antivirus software if your device has an active webcam or external microphone.
  • To add extra protection. Most antivirus software provides more than firewall services; they also help you mask your IP address using a built-in VPN service. These services can conduct regular health checks on your devices and eliminate threats automatically.

7 Best Antivirus Software

The market is rife with terrible antivirus software pretending to offer unparalleled protection. But we’ve picked out the best of the best options for your online and offline safety.

1. Avast

Avast is a free and powerful antivirus that students can download on any device. Unlike one-dimensional antivirus programs, Avast offers a diverse suite of functionalities. It helps students block distractions and stop malware threats.

With Avast, you no longer need to manually scan individual files after download. The CyberCapture feature automatically forwards suspicious files to a chest for further threat analysis.

Besides, the antivirus can scan your network hotspot to find out if you are connecting to a honeypot. This will come in handy when connecting to open WiFi in libraries and lecture halls.

2. McAfee

When it comes to easy-to-use antivirus programs, McAfee gives all existing software a run for their money.

For starters, the program provides real-time threat assessment for online activities. Besides, McAfee offers wallet protection for contents like

  • ID cards;
  • debit cards;
  • crypto assets;
  • passwords.

Apart from that, McAfee antivirus optimizes your operating system to prevent common problems like overheating and fast battery drain. You can also configure the program to reduce pop-ups and unsolicited ads.

3. Norton 360

Norton Antivirus provides world-renowned protection against hackers and malware. This program works on both Mac and PC.

When you use Norton antivirus, you can block hackers, stop spoofing attempts, and safeguard your webcams without decreasing the processing speed of your OS.

Other features available on the Norton 360 premium plan include the following:

  • Virus Removal;
  • Malware Protection;
  • Cloud Backup;
  • Safe Web;
  • Safe Search;
  • Smart Firewall;
  • Password Manager;
  • Parental Control;
  • Secure VPN;
  • Privacy Monitor;
  • SafeCam;
  • Dark Web Monitoring;
  • Identity Lock.

4. Kaspersky

Kaspersky is a brand-name antivirus program that every student should install. This program offers protection against hackers and malicious programs.

Kaspersky also provides VPN and a Kid Safety package. Besides, you can manage your passwords with the Password Manager Premium subscription.

You will enjoy using Kaspersky because it optimizes the device’s processing speed and blocks ads. And the best part is that you can use the program to manage your screen time and increase your productivity.

5. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a lightweight antivirus with an intuitive interface that everybody can use. This antivirus offers online protection while maintaining high performance, especially for gamers and designers.

As the name implies, Bitdefender fights the latest forms of cyber threats, including 

  • security exploits;
  • online scams;
  • phishing;
  • crypto-jacking.

Bitdefender also monitors your app’s behavior to detect suspicious activities in real time.

6. Avira

Avira is a program that protects your online privacy and sensitive data. This free antivirus software works on all mobile and desktop devices, which is perfect for online shoppers and students.

The standout features on Avira include

  • VPN;
  • anti-spam;
  • identity protection;
  • speed booster;
  • PC cleaner.

You can also use the password manager to keep your passwords within a digital multi-layered vault.

Although you need to get the premium version to access advanced features, Avira is still one of the most reliable software for students.


ESET NOD32 is the perfect antivirus program for students who are into gaming. It works for multiple operating systems.

With Gamer Mode, you can switch the app to Silent while it continues running in the background. You can also schedule updates and notifications outside your active gaming hours to ensure a seamless experience.

Other notable features available on ESET NOD32 include the following:

  • Antivirus and Antispyware;
  • Ransomware Shield;
  • Scan While Downloading Files;
  • Advanced Memory Scanner;
  • System Registry Scanner.

For a fixed monthly price, you can get access to additional features to better protect your devices and browsers.


Antivirus software is essential to your online well-being as cyber threats become more frequent and dangerous. Nowadays, you can find advanced antivirus programs that can also boost your device’s performance.

Always go for the best option when it comes to your online security. Use antivirus software like Avast and Norton to protect your data, identity, and even geolocation. Browse safely!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.