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4 Apps Like Possible Finance

4 Apps Like Possible Finance

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Founded in 2017, Possible Finance is a mobile lending platform where you can get loans with bad or no credit fast and efficiently. It is a popular lending platform because it has many perks and its repayments are favorable. 

The most amount you can borrow regardless of your credit score is 500 USD, and once approved, the funding proceeds within minutes. Also, the repayment plan is adjustable (it can stretch to monthly or biweekly payments), there are no late fees, and credit scores improve with each loan you pay off.

However, just as there are pros, there are also several caveats with the Possible Finance app. So, if they are a deal-breaker for you, consider the alternatives. Next up, we’ll point out the four best platforms similar to Possible Finance. Take a look to learn about these other choices for financial support. If Possible Finance isn't available in your state here are some alternatives to consider. 

Four Apps Like Possible Finance – Top Alternatives to Try

1. Money Lion

Money Lion presents a more extensive loan choice to users. It takes the top spot on our list since it perfectly substitutes the Possible Finance app and even surpasses it in certain areas.

Their standards are lenient, and they do not perform credit checks at all when you apply for a cash advance up to 250 USD. For comparison, Possible Finance will ask you to link with a checking account at least three months old and with a 750+ USD total monthly deposit.

Similarly, there are no interests attached when you pay back the advance on time and a 0% APR with Money Lion, as opposed to Possible Finance’s 150% -200% APR.

They also offer a second loan type for anyone looking to improve their credit. These loans come with stricter criteria than the standard cash advance but offer better returns. In this category, you can get a loan of up to 1000 USD.

2. Klover

Klover offers an initial cash advance of 100 USD at no interest, hidden fees, or credit score checks. Thus, it has a smaller cash advance than Possible Finance. Still, it makes up for this with a few compelling features. 

For example, there are multiple ways to earn points on the app. These are from a reward scheme of simple activities like watching adverts, scanning receipts, etc. Next, you can use these points for various purposes. With them, you can increase the limit of the cash advance you can borrow or invest in the daily sweepstakes.

3. FloatMe

FloatMe gives cash advances at zero interest and without credit checks. However, its cash advance is on the low side at 50 USD. Still, it is a good alternative if you are concerned about overdraft fees on your account.

This app is famed for its affiliation with a slew of financial institutes. Thus, it can easily integrate with your bank accounts and cards to protect you from overdraft. Also, its expenditure tracking and analysis features help with your savings plan in great detail.

4. Dave Cash Advance

Like Possible Finance, Dave Cash Advance offers a cash advance up to 200 USD regardless of your credit score. Yet, although this isn’t a head-turner, the app comes with several helpful features too. One of these is its freelance hub which helps make a little extra cash. The app also has a built-in system to keep you safe from overdraft fees, etc.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.