Benefits of Living Near a Lake

house by lake

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Last updated on August 7, 2020

From penthouse apartments to mountain cabins, you can find a place to live practically anywhere. If Eskimos can build houses out of ice cubes, the possibilities are endless. Me, though? I like to keep it simple. For my money, nothing beats getting out of bed in the morning, walking over to my window, and finding shiny blue waters glimmering back at me.

house by lake

Whether it’s a prime piece of Halton real estate next to Lake Ontario or a vacation spot in British Columbia on the Binta Lake waterfront, here are three of my favorite reasons why living lakeside beats living anywhere else.

The View

I wasn’t kidding about that “out of bed, walk to the window” thing. It’s really one of my favorite parts of owning lakefront property. I found the placid waters calming, and the forest land that surrounds most lakes is among the most scenic you can find in a residential area. It’s not just peace of mind the view provides, however. It also brings tranquility to my bank account.

Simply put, while there are a lot of beautiful landscapes in the world and a lot of different houses that will give you a stunning view of them, lake views have an advantage in that they tend to be more affordable. Ocean-view houses are expensive because, well, there’s only so much seashore to go around. But the country is dotted with millions of little lakes, meaning you don’t have to pay a lot to live the good life.

The Fun

If you’re like me, you love the great outdoors. From dockside cookouts to summer swim sessions, living next to a lake offers countless opportunities for fun, both alone and with family and friends. And it makes you pretty popular with everyone else, too. Who doesn’t love a dip in a cool lake come the middle of summer? Who doesn’t love the idea of going fishing just feet away from the very kitchen where you can then cook and eat your latest catch?

One of the best things about lakefront property, though, is all the boating. Whether you rent or own, prefer rowing or roaring engines, taking a boat out onto the lake and riding around with the wind on your face, there’s nothing like it. Heck, you can even go water skiing, parasailing, or jet skiing if you have the equipment. Just make sure to wait 30 minutes after eating.

The Privacy

You know what might be the very best thing about having a lake in your backyard? Not having someone else’s house in your backyard. Even the most close-together waterfront homes have a distinct advantage over urban or suburban areas that squeeze houses together by the dozen in row after identical row.

Less houses means less noise, less interruptions, and a lot more privacy. It’s nice to be able to step out onto the back patio in your pajamas without worrying about the neighbors posting a picture of your out of control bed-head on Instagram. It’s even nicer to be able to sit by the water on a cool night with a cup of cocoa and hear not the sound of kids playing Xbox with the volume all the way up, but the chirping of birds and the wind brushing the lake’s sparkling surface.

Benefits of Living Near a Lake

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