Which Camera Bag Should I Buy?

Which Camera Bag Should I Buy?

Thanks to the new breed of mirrorless camera, taking pictures and shooting videos are now much easier to do. A lot of people I know – myself included – carry a mirrorless camera with them no matter where they go. The rise of social media (yes, Instagram, I’m looking at you) makes snapping pictures and videos even more rewarding.

Of course, you can’t just throw your mirrorless camera into your tote bag and expect it to be okay. The keys, makeup, and other items in that tote bag can easily damage the camera and the lens. This is a problem I face too, and here are some of the best camera bags I found so far.

A Camera Insert Case

A camera insert case is a case – practically a bag – that you can use with any ordinary bag you own, as long as the bag is big enough. You can add the insert case to your favorite tote bag or messenger bag and instantly have that ability to carry your mirrorless camera safely.

There are some interesting options on the market too. Crumpler has insert cases for different cameras. They come in different sizes, with the Haven Drawstring Pouch being the one that I like the most. It fits a mirrorless camera and an extra lens (plus some accessories).

What’s interesting about the Crumpler Haven Drawstring Pouch is the way it is designed to be a pouch. There is a drawstring at the top of the bag and it can be fastened securely to provide the camera with maximum protection. The insert case is sufficiently padded too.

A Dedicated Camera Backpack

On the other side of the spectrum, there are quite a lot of camera backpacks designed for different occasions. I was looking into the different Lowepro backpacks when I found the Photo Hatchback; it is a bag that I think meets my specific requirements the most.

For starters, the bag is relatively stylish and simple, unlike many camera bags on the market. The main compartment is accessible from the rear side of the bag – not the front – so your camera gears are well-protected.

On top of that, the bag offers sufficient padding and great straps, so you can take it on a hiking trip and now be hampered by the weight of your gear. Indreviews even recommended the bag as one of the best in the category.

The ‘Street’ Bags

What I’m really interested in is a bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag, but still offers sufficient protection and features. After a thorough search, the Manfrotto Windsor collection is definitely worth considering.

The Windsor bags are designed to look like the usual lifestyle bags – kind of like the retro-looking Herschel bags. The difference is that the Windsor bags come with great features for those who love taking pictures. There is a quick-access opening in every model and a dedicated compartment for the camera.

Oh, and the Manfrotto Windsor series comes in different designs and sizes. The messenger bags, sling bags, and backpacks are all very interesting indeed. If you want a camera bag that sits somewhere in the middle of a camera insert and a dedicated camera bag, this collection is perfect.

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