Free Android SmartPhone For Verizon Or Sprint Customers

Free Android Phone from DINO Rewards

Gone are the days when mobile carriers give you free phones with new or upgraded activation, or are they? I was recently due for an upgrade on Verizon, but no free phones were available for me. My choices were to pay for a new phone outright at full MSRP, make payments spread out over 24 months or pay a reduced cost but extend my contract. I opted to pay a reduced cost and extend my contract for 2-years, as if I had made payments over 24 months, those payments would add up to twice what the reduced cost was.

And then afterwards, I found this deal for totally Free Android SmartPhone with a new or upgrade 2-year activation with either Verizon or Sprint. To receive, simply sign up for Sinclair Oil's DINO Rewards program (which is free to join) to receive the offer.

The following Android phones are available for free through the offer:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Black 32GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 White Pearl
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold 32GB
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Black
  • HTC One M9 32GB Gray
  • LG G4 Titanium Gray 32GB
  • LG G4 Black 32GB
  • Motorola Droid Maxx 2 Blue 16GB
  • Samsung Galaxy S 5 – 16GB Black
  • Samsung Galaxy S 5 – 16GB White
  • Motorola Moto X+1
  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • LG Lucid
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB Black Mist
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
  • LG G3 – Gray

If you are someone you know needs a new smartphone, this is a great deal to take advantage of! There is an upgrade eligibility checker right on the site to see if you qualify. Get yours now!

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