How to Buy a Smartphone That Suits Your Needs

In today's modern world, it's essential to have a smartphone that can keep up with your everyday grind.

Whatever your needs are, the smartphone that you pick needs to be able to provide your life's “essentials” while you're on the go.


If you're looking for a new smartphone to purchase, it can be hard to know where you should turn to. There are so many options out there… how in the world are you supposed to know which one's best?

Fortunately, there are some things to keep in mind when deciding how to buy a smartphone. Here are things you should consider the next time you're on the prowl for a new one.

1. Don't Fall for the Marketing

Advertisements for the latest and greatest smartphones are in front of your face all the time, whether subliminally or otherwise.

The marketing campaigns that you see online and on television will tell you why it's the most technologically-advanced phone and the features that separate it from the competition.

What they obviously won't do is tell you the inconveniences it may cause you, if there are any.

That can make it hard to trust the words coming out of a company's mouth on why their phone is the right fit for you.

However, that doesn't mean you should shrug off everything they tell you in the commercials… it can still be very valuable information during your search. Just be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

Instead, head to the review boards online. Scan through a healthy mix of reviews both by professionals and by the innovators (the first-in-line customers) that have purchased them so far.

You'll be more than likely able to draw a line from there to see which smartphones are sounding like they'd be the best choice for your lifestyle.

2. Take a Hard Look at the Company

Some customers have specific brands that they've sworn their allegiance to.

Brands such as Apple and Android are well-known for the cult-like following they've accrued over the years. That rivalry has become so intense that there's an all-out debate each time the two companies release a new product.

If you aren't one of those types of people, you may find it difficult to find customer opinions that aren't biased in one way or the other.

That's when it's advantageous for you to do research on the brand itself, especially when there's a brand you've never heard of.

Do some online searches through reviews, company history, and the products that they're known for (example: Sony is heavily invested in technology within the entertainment industry).

It's also helpful to view the integrity of their previous products. Are there a lot of recalls and setbacks?

Some customers enjoy branching out from the industry leaders such as Apple and finding a product that's more individualistic. Decide if you're one of those for yourself, and then read up on the brands you're interested in.

3. Consider the Features You Need

Obviously, the things you'll need to factor in most about your next smartphone is the features it can provide to you.

While it's nice to have an all-encompassing phone, it can be a waste of money if you're never going to use more than 15-percent of them.

There are certain things that every customer needs, such as proper display size, display quality, high-definition camera, data responsiveness, and battery life duration.

Then there are the add-on features that are always nice to have, such as Bluetooth audio (most come with this nowadays), face recognition, GPS guidance, etc.

Start by making a list and determining the features that are essential to have on your next phone. From there, make a list of those features that would be nice to have, but not necessary. 

This will help you filter out some options before you even walk into the door of your nearest phone service provider, then you're in control of which brands you have your eye on.

4. Keep an Open Mind

If you're truly looking to find a smartphone at the best price for the features you need, then it's crucial to keep an open mind to various products and companies.

Being too brand-specific, even if you have a few brands in mind, will limit the prices and features that they have available… kind of an all-or-nothing scenario.

Also, while you may think you're giving yourself “options” by searching through companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google phones… you're not.

They'll all be around the same price range, so you're offering yourself little to no flexibility.

5. Think Long-Term 

When looking at phones, it's important to keep things in perspective. Ideally, you'll want to have this phone for a couple of years.

That new lightweight phone may be a beautiful device that operates quite nicely right now, but what about after you inevitably drop it? Will it work as well with a screen that's fully cracked? Probably not.

Fortunately, there are always options to have a phone repaired when need be, regardless of the year or model. But still, consider the casing options available for the phone at the time you're looking to buy it.

For more information on the ways you can repair a phone, find out more and be prepared for the next time it happens to you.

How to Buy a Smartphone: Diligently and Purposefully

Now that you've seen a few things to consider on how to buy a smartphone, you'll know exactly what to keep an eye out for with each model you look at.

Be sure to check back with Shopping Kim frequently for awesome articles on fashion, money-saving, and lifestyle. 

Best of luck with the extensive process known as smartphone shopping. At the end of the rainbow is a beautiful, industry-changing phone to cater to your every call!

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