How to Get Money With Bad Credit: 9 Loan Options to Know

Applying for a loan of any size can be a nerve-wracking experience. What if you don't understand some term in the agreement and you're on the hook for more than you thought? What if you don't have the cash in three months' time to pay your lender back? And, what if your past circumstances have you typing “how to get money with bad credit” into Google as you're trying to make a decision on applying for a loan.

how to get money with bad credit

This isn't somewhere any of us want to be. Luckily, however, there are emergency loans for bad credit owners that can help to take the sting out of running your business in times of hardship.

Sound good to you? Wanting who the best loan providers are for this kind of application? Not to worry: we've brought you nine of them, today.

Money Trumpet

When it comes to bad credit loans from Money Trumpet, one of their shining benefits is in the extremely low floor to their installment loans. Start borrowing today from as little as £100 for an installment loan or £2,000 for a personal loan.

This is a strong option for finding a loan when you've exhausted other lending options. Their “can do” approach to loans sets them apart from some of their more cynical competition,  working with clients with poor credit. For small or short term loans, they're hard to beat, and their alternative to payday loans really shows how much they are in their customers' corner.

The best thing about an installment loan, like the ones from is their repayment method. Split loans, repaid in installments over a specified loan period, allow you to bring in money and pay it back when it works for you.

Installment loans are also far cheaper than standard financing. The shorter the loan period, the larger your monthly payments are going to be, as a result. Stretch that out over a longer period of time, and your monthly payments come down.


LendingClub is one of the more well-established online lenders in operation, today. They make large loans but, more importantly, they make bad credit loans. Some great bad credit loans, indeed. 

We'll start with the loan terms, which cover 36 or 60 months at a time. So a $5000 loan, at 17.99% APR works out to $249.60-per-month over a period of 24 months. Those are extremely competitive rates, with a great minimum of $1,000. 

Safeguard yourself against nasty surprises with fixed interest rates. Then breathe easy, knowing you're in the hands of a lender with extensive online experience.

OneMain Financial

Some lenders stand out for their great rates and selection of packages. With others, the real value comes out in their customer service. This is where OneMain Financial really shines.

Which isn't to say they skimp on the package options, either. Choose from a variety of loan options with no minimum credit score needed, whatsoever. Pair that with solid fixed interest rates and the cherry on top, same day funding (in some cases), and OneMain is a great option for a bad credit loan.

With no minimum credit score, easy approval loans for bad credit, and a great standing in the loan industry, OneMain Financial is worth your time.


Avant is a well-reputed online lender, specializing in lightning-fast funding for personal loans. Speak to an Avant representative, and you'll hear about their lack of minimum credit score requirement. Anybody can apply, leaving the doors wide open for Avant to help out its loanees in different ways and to different extents.

It must be said that applicants with credit scores higher than 600 will be more likely to get approval. They'll also receive a lower interest rate, as a result. Avant charges a 4.75% administrative cost, with a max 35.99% APR.

Repay predictably with a fixed-rate, and get a loan for as little as $2,000. There's a lot of good that can get done with a short term loan bad credit package from Avant.


Installment cash loans for poor credit are growing in popularity among lenders. Where LendingPoint differs, is the offer of high flexibility with regards to your installment payments. Choose from loan terms anywhere in the range of 24 to 48 months, applicable regardless of your rate. 

You can also choose between monthly and bi-weekly payments, depending on your specific needs. Loan amounts start at $2,000, and interest rates plunge to as low as 9.99%. While that's not the lowest on this list, it beats the pants off of many major lenders and is certainly worth your consideration.

Get the maneuverability you need to bring in funds, rapidly, with next day funding and absolutely zero repayment penalties. 

Credit Unions

For anybody with a checking account at a local bank, there's a good chance you've already got what you need to get approved for a short term loan. You're more likely to get approved with your current provider because their lending department has access to your account.

Banks that work with bad credit are opening the doors up to their clients, but also to new ideas and services. The more you can innovate in this realm, the better.

In addition, you might discover additional options you didn't know about while talking to a loan officer. These are made exclusively available to members of these banks, and not using them is 100% a missed opportunity.


The big advantage when it comes to a loan from NetCredit is the opportunity to go beyond your credit score. Applications with scores of less than 550 are approved, making it a perfect bad credit option.

Not to mention, NetCredit also provides professional tools for customers to work with loan terms, payments and updates. Borrowers can return their loans as early as the next day with no prepayment penalties. 

Loan sizes with NetCredit range from $1,000 to $10,000. APRs start at roughly 34% and, in cases where this number is significantly higher, secured loans and co-signers are options, as well.

With, multiple lenders can request business you've successfully completed your application. The online platform searches lender networks to secure a lender that fits your unique needs.

Once you've gotten your results back, the way isn't quite clear yet. You'll need to do some additional research to safeguard your choice, so make sure to read through the terms and agreements attached to each offer.

They bring a competitive APR to the table, with several types of loans available, with a cap at $35,000. 

How To Get Money With Bad Credit: Choose The Right Provider

Ultimately, a loan is like any other product or service. Go to a reputable dealer, and you're likely to have a completely forgettable transaction with them. Money will trade hands, terms will be drawn up, and said money will be returned on the date agreed.

It's only when you run out of options and are forced to consider less savory lenders that things become trickier. Hopefully, today's article will go a long way toward proving these are not your only choices for a short term loan. There are dozens of great providers, both online and off, waiting to take your call.

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