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How To Make Money Vlogging

How To Make Money Vlogging

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Today the market of vlogging and the amount of money in it allows you to stay at home and earn money while chatting with your buddies. Nowadays, it is not like winning the lottery or pulling a con, but a profession.

Vloggers have occupied the internet and now collecting all the benefits of leading the way of digital entertainment market profits. Want to get your personal piece of that pie? Do you have a valid idea? Are you willing to bring your content making skills to life? We are here to have a closer look at how you can earn money from that.

Let's start from the very beginning: vlogging is a process of making short videos on a specific topic. For example, there are beauty vloggers who demonstrate some makeup tips or tech vloggers who focus on the latest gadgets review and tech tips. Like anything that is intended to bring income, vlogging includes such boring things as editing, planning, and posting to make it profitable. Still, in general, you are just sharing your experience of dealing with things you are keen on in front of a camera.

1. Product Placement

It doesn't matter what your niche is — for sure, there is someone selling something that you can advertise through your vlogs and get paid for that!

Let's use beauty vlogs, which were mentioned earlier, as an example. A makeup company can offer you to tell your audience about their eyeshadow palette using a small guide of how to apply it properly in your next makeup tutorial. Or include this palette into your “favorite new products of the year” list. But be careful: never take money for lying in your review — you will lose your audience's respect and trust, then your viewers will go away, and your vlogging career will end at the start.

2. Ad Time and Place

Adding direct advertising to the begging or at the end of your video is the most obvious way to earn money with your content. Taking commercial breaks is also possible, but you need to be careful: placing ads too often in your video will annoy your audience and prevent them from watching it till the end and subscribing. Pre-video ads seem to be the best option cause “breaking” your video annoys people who watch, and most people don't watch the ad at the end of the clip, so you won't get money for those ads.

The easiest way is to sell ads is through the YouTube platform — as Google owns it, YouTube uses the Google AdSense feature that allows you to start working with advertising just in few clicks.

3. Verbal Ads

Adding pre-filmed ads to your video is not the only way to earn — you can also mention your sponsor in a few words during the video, telling about the benefits of a particular brand. After getting a larger audience size that gives you a stable number of views under each video, you can establish a set price that the company can pay for each video.  You can try an ad creator.

4. Your Merch

No one can stop you from forming and promoting your brand and selling it to your fans. Even though you'll need to invest more effort and money to start producing something, you may get profit from sales, and your merch is sure to increase your brand awareness each time people see your logo somewhere. But still, you should remember this idea will only work after getting enough people into watching you and being your true fans.

5. Webinars

The key to becoming a successful vlogger is to become a professional in your niche. When you are a pro, your audience and respect grow steadily, and people pay more attention to what you say. After that, you can start monetizing your status by selling webinars to people who want to get more information from you. It is still important to remember that you have to give more information on the topic to people that pay you for the webinar. You also should pay attention to people's requests and wishes and keep the audience feeling that spending money on this webinar the right decision. Some of these people might return to watch more webinars if you do everything right.

Videoblogging is an open door for talented, interesting, and unique people. Become a professional, collect your audience, and start earning. Just remember that passion and creativity are the keys to real success with your job instead of simply trying to earn as much money as you can.

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Karuna Singh

Thursday 17th of June 2021

Very useful information on vlogging.

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