How To Prevent Hangovers

When Squeak gave me this “anti-hangover recipe” per se, I admit I was a bit leery.  But I figured I’d have a wee bit too much to drink on my birthday so gave it a whirl…

To avoid the after-effects of alcohol (including massive headaches), stock up on Vitamin B12 (and it’s cheap). Take 2 pills right before your first drink, and then 2 pills with every fourth drink.

Mind you, I don’t normally drink over four drinks at one setting, but people bought me a lot of shots (Three Wise Men is nasty) for my birthday.  You would have thought it was my 21st birthday at the bar. I was pregnant with twins back then when I turned 21 and didn’t even drink caffeine – well my “29 and still holding” birthday this week more than made up missing it.

Kudos to Squeak for the bottle of B12 that my posse and I devoured.  I felt fine the next morning – not even an itsy bitsy headache!  I was a tad tired, but getting only a couple hours of sleep will do that to you, and nothing a nap after the kids go to school can’t help. Actually I had to take my daughter to the dentist yesterday morning so my siesta had to wait until after lunch.

So, if you know you are going to drink too much, I suggest you stock up on  Vitamin B-12! And would Squeak and I steer you wrong?  Okay, don’t answer that.

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How To Prevent Hangover
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