Buy Now, Pay Later with Choose ‘N Charge – Payments only $20/mo.

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Last updated on May 15, 2021

Buy Now and Pay Later with Choose & Charge – a flexible way to pay! Keep your cash and save your credit cards – Choose&Charge allows you enjoy monthly payments as low as $20/month.

I have compiled a list of online catalog stores (updated 5/20/16) that participate with Choose ‘n Charge along with what they have to offer…

Country Door – Dinnerware, home decor, bed & bath, furniture & gifts.

Ginny's – Cookware, appliances, dinnerware, furniture, bed and bath, home décor and gifts. Request a free catalog to browse offline!

GrandPointe – Budget home decor, kitchen, bed and bath items

Midnight Velvet – Women's fashions, shoes, outerwear, accessories, furniture, home décor and gifts.

Monroe & Main – Misses and women's plus sizes styles that are perfect for workdays, weekends and evening. Plus accessories including hats, purses, shoes, boots, and jewelry to complete a total look.

Montgomery Ward – Name brand gifts including Bed & Bath, Kitchen & Dining, Furniture, Home Decor, Housewares & Tools, Electronics, Healthy & Beauty, Jewelry and Clothing.

Seventh Avenue – Unique and eclectic furniture, home accents, housewares and electronics.

Swiss Colony – Unique line of delicious cheeses, savory meats, and tempting European-style pastries, along with some of the hottest new products for the home.

Tender Filet – Fine meats, savory sides and delicious desserts.

The Wisconsin Cheeseman – Quality food gifts

Ashro – Sophisticated apparel, shoes, hats and accessories for black women.

How to order and pay with Choose ‘N Charge

  • Click on any store catalog link above to start shopping
  • Choose the things you want and begin “Checkout”.
  • Tell them who you are and where you want things shipped.
  • Select “Create a Choose ‘n Charge® Account” and accept the Terms & Conditions. (Or use an existing account if you already have one.)
  • Submit your order…and you're done! (Please note all credit orders will be subject to final credit approval.
Buy Now, Pay Later with Choose 'N Charge

Stores that accept Choose 'N Charge

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  5. I hesitate to leave a comment, but I have to say that I don’t think buy now/pay later deals are good for anyone but the credit card company. Definitly not a “deal” in the long run!

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  10. you forgot one site that is choose and charge, its alot like wards and 7th ave, its called home at five. just thought i would let you know

  11. You need to be careful when using companies like this. I have just realized that 3 of these companies gave me 2 different account numbers, and they don’t itemize their statements, so now I have to go through this whole process to get everything itemized and sent to me. One of these companies hung up on me today. They have also stopped sending me statements after March 2017. Very strange. I will not be sending them another dollar until I actually know what I owe.

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