How to Soften Brown Sugar in Seconds

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The girls and I were in a the mood for something sweet the other night, and the easiest (and fastest) recipe I could think of was to make O'Henry Bars. But when I went to get a new bag of brown sugar from the pantry, it was hard as rocks. I've heard of putting a slice of bread or an apple in the bag to soften the hardened sugar, but I needed it soft now!  So I turned to the trusted internet to research how to soften brown sugar the fastest way possible…

How to Soften Brown Sugar Photo

I put the hard pieces of brown sugar into a ziplock bag with a wet paper towel (zip the bag shut).  I then put the bag into the microwave for 20 seconds (do not put it in any longer as it will blow up the bag, I learned this the hard way by being lazy and hitting the 30 second button). If brown sugar is not fully soft after 20 seconds, massage to break up pieces and put in a few seconds longer.  As you will see below, it worked perfectly!

How to Soften Brown Sugar in Seconds

And I had full intentions of taking a photo of the O'Henry Bars that I made, but unfortunately they all got eaten before I remembered!  Guess I may need to make another batch.

How to Soften Brown Sugar in Seconds

How to Soften Brown Sugar in Seconds

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