Importance of Medicaid Waivers for the Elderly


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Last updated on May 9, 2021

It is the wish of every person to have their elderly family member taken care of in a comfortable environment. However, some of the comfortable settings such as board and care homes might be too expensive. In such cases, most families would be left with the option of taking care of their loved ones by themselves or placing them in crowded nursing homes.

The HBCS or Home and Community Based Services waiver for Medicaid is one of the most convenient and helpful waivers. The waiver allows the older adults to be taken care of in comfortable environments rather than being stuck in a nursing home that might have insufficient personnel.

However, the good news is that Medicaid waivers allow low-income earners to place their elder adults in a comfortable care home. As people get older, they tend to develop medical conditions that require regular medical attention. In the case where their family members are unable to pay for the medical bills, then the person's condition can get worse. All thanks to the HBCS waiver that allows the elderly to receive quality medical care.

 Medicaid waivers allow individuals to get medical attention in the comfort of their homes without necessarily being taken to a nursing home. A home environment is an ideal place for facilitating quick recovery. At home, the elderly can enjoy the company of their loved ones, a process that encourages them to stay healthy. Hence, a Medicaid waiver provides people with an opportunity to enjoy the company of their family while being accorded the necessary medical attention.

The benefit of Medicaid waivers depends on the coverage that an individual chose to pay for. For instance, some coverages would only allow an individual to receive medical care while in a nursing home. People have different ideologies about taking care of their loved ones. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the various covers and the waivers that they provide before settling for that cover. An individual needs to be sure that the waiver provided under that cover matches their needs. The waiver should allow them to take care of their loved ones in the most comfortable way possible.

Additionally, each state has specific waivers that they provide to the residents. Such is an important factor to put into consideration before choosing a cover. Medicaid is run by states and designed to help low-income earners with their medical requirements. Hence, Medicaid waivers depend on an individual’s area of residency. The HBCS is an ideal choice since the waiver is provided across all the states. 

The main aim of Medicaid waivers is to help people manage their healthcare needs. Through the waivers, marginalized individuals can get quality healthcare. Waivers are achieved by reducing the expense of medical care, expanding the medical cover or improving the care for vulnerable groups.

In this case, elderly people are the main focus since they require special care. Given that most of the elderly people have medical conditions that need the help of medical practitioners, then waivers benefit them the most. A substantial number of them do not have medical coverage. The states help such people by providing waivers that allow older adults to be taken care of in the comfort of their homes. 

The absence of the Medicaid waivers could indicate that a substantial number of elderly people could succumb to various health conditions. However, waivers have made it easy for such populations to get quality medical care. The HCBS is one of the waivers that allow the elderly to receive quality medical care as well as other non-medical care. Certain criteria are followed to ensure the chosen individuals deserve the waiver the most.

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