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JET-BOND XB001 Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer Purse Insert Liner Pouch Medium Size with Handles Many Pockets
Multi-Pocket Handbag Organizer Purse Insert Liner Pouch Medium Size with Handles

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My sister-in-law had me order her a purse organizer, and the idea of such a thing intrigued me so much, that I ordered my own!

Organizer insert for handbag

I took the handbag organizer with me on my latest trip to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit.


While at the airport, I took everything out of my purse and put my necessities (wallet, gum, chapstick, pens, glasses, earbuds, cough drops, etc.) into the purse organizer.


The purse organizer then fit back perfectly into my favorite Coach purse! I was able to easily transfer the organizer from my purse to my laptop bag so I didn't have to carry around a handbag at the conference, yet I had everything I needed with me at all times!

I definitely recommend getting a handbag organizer if you like to swap out handbags a lot. And the price can't be beat at $6.99 with free shipping! I chose black as most of my handbags are black, but they make any color of purse organizers that you would want available!

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