Kim’s Master Bath Remodel

Kim's Bathroom Remodel

After my kitchen was updated, it was time to work on renovating my master bathroom. My main objectives were to have a whirlpool tub and more counterspace around my sink. I think we ended up achieving all of that and more! Many thanks to Trevor who was 99% of the “we”. I would’ve loved a walk-in shower, but there wasn’t enough room.

The only home improvement store in our area is Menards, so a majority of the items were purchased there. Here are some of the tips I learned to save quite a bit of money at Menards (be sure to save all of your receipts):

  • If an item goes on sale after you buy it, you can take in the receipt for up to two weeks later for a price adjustment. I had originally bought the whirlpool tub on sale, but I figured out that I would save more by paying regular price and getting back an 11% rebate (read next bullet), so I took in the receipt and basically returned the sale tub, and re-bought it at regular price to get the rebate.
  • Take advantage of the rebate offers, especially the 11% off rebates. When the 11% rebate offer starts, ask at the desk for an 11% price adjustment rebate form (they do not put these out, and they are not available online). You can then send in your receipts from the week before for 11% back on regularly priced items (they must be original receipts, not receipts that you can print off at the kiosks).
  • Watch for clearance items. These are usually on end racks within the departments. I was able get the big 13″x13″ ceramic tiles for 57¢ each, and the decorative tiles (which we cut in half) for $1.77 each. If you’ve bought tile before, you’ll know I got a great deal!
  • In the back of the paint department, they have a mis-tint section where you can get gallons of paint for only $5 each! These are colors that the department either screwed up on or the customer decided they didn’t want. I repainted my bathroom (and my office, and my bedroom…) with $5 paint.

Master Bathroom Upgrades:

Since we took out the 36″ vanity and tall storage cabinet to make room for a longer 55″ vanity base, I opted for hanging cabinets for more storage. I especially love the crown molding.

I was able to get an Onyx sink with the store credits I had from my wrong kitchen sink. I really like the color I picked out when looking at the little 1″ x 2″ samples. I don’t like it as well expanded into a big area, but I can live with it. I pick the an oval bowl over a the other rectangle options to give me more counterspace. I also pick a non-recessed bowl as I think that makes the sink look more like granite.

I updated the bathroom faucets with Pfister models. Since the new lighting and bath accessories were all polished chrome, I stayed with that finish. Plus polished chrome is usually less expensive than brushed nickel, and I don’t think brushed nickel keeps off the water spots any better like it claims.

I got the Pfister Avalon Tub-Shower faucet as I wanted a hand-held shower head. I got this also at Menards with a rebate. I like the spray setting on the shower head (good water pressure), but the handle that turns the water on sticks out a tad too far and is jiggly. My plumber says it’s the faucet, not him. 🙂

I received the Pfister Bronson Centerset Bath Faucet for being a “Friends of Pfister” blogger. Pfister offers a Pforever Warranty that covers finish and function for life and a never leak guarantee, so I do recommend them highly over the Tuscany brand that Menards carries (from previous bad experiences).

I got my shower curtain from along with matching rugs and towels (the color is Red Sedona). I found the prices online cheaper than in-store! So I simply ordered online and chose Site-to-Store to pick up the order at the store. Plus I didn’t have to hassle with the check-out lanes.

Now, I need to add my Squatty Potty!

Look at the before and after photos below, and let me know what you think of my bathroom renovation!

Before Photos of Bathroom Remodel

Master Bathroom Remodel - Before Pics

Master Bathroom Remodel - Before Pics

Master Bathroom Remodel - Before Pics

Master Bathroom Remodel - Before Pics

After Photos of Bathroom Remodel

Kim's Master Bathroom Remodel After Photos

Kim's Master Bathroom Remodel After Photos

Kim's Master Bathroom Remodel After Photos

Kim's Master Bathroom Remodel After Photos

Kim's Master Bathroom Remodel After Photos

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