Kim’s New Car: 2014 Nissan Rogue

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When my youngest daughter turned 16 last month, I thought we'd be able to share a car for awhile, especially since I work from home and don't like to drive anyway. And with three other kid drivers, I wanted to hold off paying even higher car insurance premiums. Well, with her wanting to drive to school and getting a job, the sharing wasn't going so well.  Since I've loved the Nissan Rogues since they were first released and have researched them extensively, I set out for the best deal that included the options I wanted.  I really wanted the taupe color, but that was retired.  And I knew I didn't want black, white or gray because it seems everyone has cars those colors. So I found a graphite blue one for sale. The color reminds me of my Pontiac SV6 that I loved.

And it just so happened that dealer was offering a “Cash for Clunkers” sale.  I didn't even know about the sale until the salesman asked if I had a trade-in (I didn't) and said they were offering $3000 off a new car for ANY trade-in. The trade-in could be in any condition as long as it had a clean title in my name.  So the gears in my head started turning knowing I have an uncle and a cousin with old vehicles just sitting around.  And that resulted in me being the proud owner of a wrecked Crown Vic beauty for a day.

Wrecked Crown Vic Car

I'm sure my neighbors loved seeing that in our culdesac.  The dealership said I won the award for the best worst looking trade-in! I gladly accepted the honor as it yielded me $3000 off the purchase price. And special thanks to my sister-in-law for getting me a VPP Claim I.D. to save even more.

2014 Nissan Rogue

And here's my new car – a 2014 Nissan Rogue!  I like that it's a crossover with all-wheel drive, yet small enough for me to be able to maneuver around parking lots. I admit I'm not a good driver. Yes, I'm a 40 county driver.

Backup Camera in Nissan Rogue

And one of the options I really wanted a backup camera. Check that off the list!  No worries, Mallory was not run over or harmed in the taking of the above photograph. On the ride home, Mallory set up my bluetooth options, so now I'll be able to talk to LisaP hands-free while I drive!

Does anyone else own a Nissan Rogue?


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