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Tips for Choosing the Best-Fitting No Tuck Shirts for Men

Tips for Choosing the Best-Fitting No Tuck Shirts for Men

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Tuck or no tuck shirt? This is a long-debated topic. But still, most of the people feel confused when and how to tuck in their shirt and also do not know what to tuck and what not to.

Therefore in this article, we will expose a few tactics that will help you eliminate this confusion and dress the best. This article provides you everything you need to know about the no tuck shirts and also provides yours with some basic rules for wearing them.

So What Not to Tuck?

If your shirt has a flat bottom, it means it is no tuck shirt, but on the other hand, if the ham is a bit long and goes evenly all around, it is supposed to tuck in.

Remember that, if you tuck in a no tuck shirt, it will be a wrong choice that will not only take your overall good look but also make it look sloppy.

No tuck shirts for men are the best go-to choice for casual as well as formal occasions. Unlike the tuck shirts, which only look well for some formal gatherings. Always keep the following things in mind while dressing up with an untucked dress shirt.

These shirts are considered as an embodiment of a mixture of a relaxed yet sophisticated style. If you buy the right length and the appropriate fit, you are very likely to end up with a high-end look. They allow you to add personality according to your taste and look more relaxed and carefree.

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Step 1: Choose the Right Length

For traditional and formal shirts, usually, the length is kept a few inches below the hip bone. When buying a new shirt for yourself, you should take the measurements to the meat fly of your jeans. Conversely, the shirt should end in the middle of your trousers zipper.

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Step 2: Look for the Bottom Cut

The bottom cut is very much crucial as it is the main difference between a tuck and a no tuck shirt for men. Always see if the shirt has a curved hem, it is the tucked one. And the one that does not contain pronounced tails both at the front and the back instead has a square cut him just like the Polo shirts it is a no tuck shirt. Many people mistake them and end up buying the wrong tops.

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Step 3: Keep the Fit Rules in Mind

Fashion is what suits you, not what is trending. Therefore you should always keep your body type in mind while making the purchase. For instance, if you are a larger man, then you need a more tailored size larger shirt that fits your body correctly and looks great on you. This will make you feel more confident, as well.

On the contrary, if you are lean and thin, choose something that is not very tight or very loose. Instead, it should fit you perfectly without making your body shape visible.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.