Live without my Smartphone? No way.


My youngest daughter (age 11) tells me daily that she thinks she needs a cellphone. I tell her I didn't get one until I was 29. And then she rolls her eyes at me.

I admit I don't know how we lived before cellphones! I do agree that I like my 16-year-old twins having cellphones, as I make them check in with me via text, and I can call to check up on them. Cellphones would have been a God-send when the twins were premature and in the hospital three hours away from me for over six months.

But we survived then. And I'm sure I could survive now without my smart phone, but I really don't want to try it to find out! In fact, when my cellphone went through the wash last year, I was lost for days! My daughters go crazy if their batteries die for a split second because they can't update their Facebook statuses!

I still have my HTC Touch smartphone, and I really really wanted an iPhone, but AT&T doesn't offer service here.  But now that Verizon bought out Alltel, my cellphone options have expanded! I could pick an LG Chocolate Touch (as endorsed by Ciara) or even the Palm Pixie or Palm Pre that have been getting rave reviews, but I'm thinking I'm going to pick the Motorola Droid!

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