Menards Price Adjustment Rebate Form

If you bought something at Menards the week or two prior to their infamous 11% off sale, you can ask for a price adjustment rebate form at the counter (or print our copy below). They do not put these out with the other rebates forms, and it is not available on their website. You can then send in your original receipts (they must be the original receipts and cannot be receipts that you print off at the kiosks) that are dated from the week or two before for 11% back on regularly priced items that you purchased. The form says the adjustment does not apply to sale priced items, but I send in all receipts (after I scan them) and let them decide qualifies or not. This rebate has a different mail-in address (PO Box 83) than the regular rebate forms (PO Box 155), so you will have to send it in separately from your other rebates.

Click on image below for a PDF that you can print out. 

Previous Menards Price Adjustment Rebate Forms:

  • 8403 (03/08/20 – 03/21/20)
  • 8303 (02/09/20 – 02/22/20)
  • 8103 (01/26/20 – 02/01/20)
  • 8003 (01/12/20 – 01/18/20)
  • 8902 (12/22/19 – 01/04/20)

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