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Save Big Money At Menards!

Menards is home improvement store, similar to Lowe's or Home Depot, with over 300 locations in the Midwest which includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. And it's the only real home improvement store option where I live. I've spent A LOT of time at Menards in the past few months remodeling my kitchen and my bathroom, and while I've known most of the tricks of the trade to save money at Menards, I learned even more. Here's hoping I can help save you more big money at Menards, too.

Price Adjustments

If an item that you bought at Menards goes on sale within 14 days after you buy it, you can take in the receipt to get the difference back in store credit. Or if the item would be cheaper with a rebate, you can take in the receipt to return and rebuy the item so the receipt prints. I've actually returned items and rebought them at a higher price because after the rebate, I'd pay less.


Rebates are the biggest “money maker” out there both for consumers and the store. Consumers can I used to take advantage of every “free after rebate” item at Menards, using the Menards rebate checks to buy more free-after-rebate items. I'd rinse and repeat over and over. But then I realized I was stockpiling things that nobody wanted, and I couldn't even sell these items at garage sales for more than the tax cost me. I now only buy the free items that I know I or someone I know can use, or I can use the item as a gift.

You do not need to manually fill out all of the rebate forms. You can affix an address label instead, and I'm sure many of you deal hunters have a stockpile of free address labels from charities. If you are printing your rebate forms online, you can enter your name and address in the first rebate form, and it will automatically add your information to all the rebate forms that you are printing.

Then save a stamp and mail-in all your rebate forms and receipts in one envelope (if they all have the same address, and they usually do). I address my envelope of rebates to Menards like this:

Menards Rebates
PO Box 155
Elk Mound WI  54739-0155

Menards 11% rebate

The 11% off rebate that Menards offers is the best rebate of all, as you can get 11% off the entire store, including current sale items! Plus if there is a free after rebate, you can double dip and get paid to buy items!

I believe gift cards are excluded from the rebates though. The rebate offers usually run for one week at a time, two weeks in a row, at least once each quarter (lately it's been even more often). And if you bought something right before they released a rebate, keep reading how how to “go back” and get the price adjustment for previous purchase.

11% Price Adjustment Rebate

If you bought something the week or two prior to the 11% off sale, you can ask for a price adjustment rebate form at the counter. They do not put these out with the other rebates forms, and it is not available on their website, but you can print it here. You can then send in your original receipts (they must be the original receipts and cannot be receipts that you print off at the kiosks) that are dated from the week or two before for 11% back on regularly priced items that you purchased (doesn't apply to sale prices). This rebate form will have a different mail-in address as well, so you'll have to send it in separately from your other rebates.

Menards Big Card 2% rebate

You earn a 2% on all Menards purchases that you pay for with your Menards Big Card (or you can choose 6-month or 48-month financing options instead of the rebate). I do encourage you to pay off your Menards credit card in full every month though if you are opting for the 2% rebate as the variable standard rate ~25.24% will apply which is a really high interest rate! Big Card rebates are sent out quarterly.

Menards Merchandise Credit rebate checks with arrive in your mailbox folded with the dollar amount hidden. The return address will be:

Rebates International
PO Box 99
Elk Mound, WI 54739-0099

Below is a photo of an actual rebate check so you know what to look for. They are small in size (6″ x 4.25″), similar to a postcard, so make sure you don't throw it away or think it is junk mail!

Menards Rebate Check

Cash Back

Unfortunately, Menards does not have an affiliate program (they need one!), therefore no cashback websites, such as, offer cash back or points from ordering from Therefore, I simply recommend using your Menards Big Card online and in stores and treat the 2% rebate as cash back. 

If you do order online, rebates still apply. You will receive an email with your rebate receipt to submit with your rebate form. You can print Menards rebates here

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Online Clearance

On Menards' website, look under “Ray's List” for limited offers, closeouts, open box and clearance items. You can search by which bargain items are available at your local store(s). These are usually unclaimed special orders, store display models and slightly dinged and/or dented products all priced below retail. 

In Store Clearance

Menards has clearance sections all over the store, so be sure to do a full walk-around so you don't miss any hidden treasures. Here's the places I hit up every time I visit:

  • Table/shelves by front door for small clearance aisles
  • End racks (not facing main aisle) of each department
  • Very back wall of store for cabinets and bigger items


Yes, most Menards have a staircase where customers can go upstairs. The stairs are usually in the seasonal/patio department and usually include clearance off-season products. I should add that there are usually two sets of stairs going upstairs, and only one is designated for guests and the other for employees. There is also a rumor that they are going to be doing away with letting shoppers go upstairs, so I'll be sure to update if so.

Mistint Paint Section

In the back of the paint department, there is a “mis-tint” section where you can get quarts of paint for $1 and gallons of paint for $5. These are various colors that either the department screwed up when tinting or the customer decided they didn't want afterall. The selection changes daily, and they offer more than just wall paint! I've gotten Epoxy garage floor paint and deck coating for $5 each as well.


Look in your monthly bill for Menards coupons. Each statement usually contains a “Clip & Save Offers” booklet of Menards coupons for savings off various items. Some months they even offer totally free items with a coupon. And if the coupon says “Limit 2”, you can get two items totally free; you don't even need to pay sales tax!

menards coupons

If you are a Menards Big Card holder, you'll receive a birthday card during your birthday month with a coupon for a free item! The free item is usually ~$9.99 value and past coupons have been for screwdrivers and magnifying glasses. 

Menards also accepts manufacturer coupons that you can combine with sale and clearance prices and even rebates! Click here to search if a coupon is available for something you want to purchase. 

Menards Crazy Days Sale

Crazy Days are usually a three-day event where Menards offers really good deals and extra rebates are available, similar to Black Friday sales

SKU Help

If you see a product you'd like to buy in Menard's sale ad but don't know what department to look in for that item, here is a good tip to find items in Menards: The first digit of a Menards SKU number will tell you what department that the item is located in. Here is a list of departments and the SKU digit that they are assigned to:

  1. Building Materials
  2. Hardware
  3. Electricial
  4. Mill Work
  5. Wall Coverings
  6. Plumbing & Housewares
  7. Floor Coverings

My only complaint about Menards is that they like to hide the rebate items and sale items so they are hard to find. And when you need a sales associate to help you find them, they are never to be found either! If the items is sold out, you can ask for a rain check, but if it's a rebate item, chances are that the item won't be available in time for you to qualify for the rebate.

I think Menards also used to have a sign up saying if more than two people were in line, they'd open up another line. I believe that sign is gone, as I always have to wait to check out now. The worst days are when they have the best sales, such as Menards Crazy Days and Black Friday, but if you have time, the deals may be worth it.

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5% Tax Refund Bonus

Menards offers a 5% bonus on your state and/or federal tax refund when you exchange your refund for a Menards Merchandise Credit Check. 

Enjoy your tax refund by picking up some of your favorite Menards® projects and products! You can easily convert your State or Federal Income tax refund (checks and electronically filed) into Merchandise Credit Check and receive a 5% bonus!. And since it's available year-round, you have the option to convert all of your Tax Refund Check or just a small portion of it into a Menards® Merchandise Credit Check, which can be used at any Menards® location.

This tax refund bonus offer is valid all year long, so if you got your refund in March, you can still take advantage of this offer in December of the same year! Here's how:

  1. Bring in a copy of your bank statement showing that your state and/or federal tax refund was electronically deposited into your account. Or you can bring your actual refund check if you don't opt for direct deposit.
  2. Exchange that amount (or any amount up to that amount) for Menards Merchandise Credit Check. You can ask them to divide them up into smaller amounts if you are afraid of losing one big amount!
  3. Receive a Menards Merchandise Credit Check for 5% more than your refund!

The tax refund bonus is a great idea if you plan on making any big purchases (and you have a big refund). A 5% return on your money is more than you'll make at the bank! I so wish I didn't have to pay in this year!

Do you have any other tips on how to save big money at Menards?

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save big money at menards

Save More Big Money At Menards With These Tips

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