Are Phones Really Free From Wireless Advocates?

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Since Verizon no longer offers free phones with contracts anymore (and they overcharge for data), I was trying to find the best deal on a new phone for my daughter, Macy.

She wanted an iPhone 7, but the $649.99 retail price was a tad out of her budget, and she didn't need another monthly bill. I suggest that we look into the free Android smartphone phone offer.  She agreed that she could settle for a Samsung Galaxy S6 over an iPhone 7 to save money.

I went through the Sinclair DINO Rewards link to start the process of getting Macy her free phone. I found the same offers from Burger King and Liberty Mutual, so it must be legit, right?

The “offers” are powered by Wireless Advocates, and I had a heck of a time trying to checkout. So decided to chat with a Verizon rep online and ask if he could match the deal. I sent him the link, but the reps are not allowed to click outside links (understandable), so I explained the offer to him. He said no, that I'd have to go through to get the deal.

I had to switch browsers to be able to checkout, but then it started showing the charges on my account, which were more than I was currently paying. Since I still had the chat window open (I love double monitors), I asked the rep if my monthly charges would be different if I took advantage of the “free” phone.

I'm currently paying $20 per phone per month, but if I got the “free” phone, the charge per month for that line would increase from $20 to $40 per month (plus taxes and fees, etc). The activation fee would also increase from $20 to $40. Ugh.

At Verizon, the monthly cost of the iPhone 7 is $27.08, but you can get $300 trade-in credit that that's applied to your account over the same 24 month period ($12.50 per month) making your monthly payment only $14.58.

So guess who is getting a new iPhone 7? Yep, Miss Macy. The iPhone 7 monthly cost minus the trade in credit makes the monthly payment less than the “free” phone's monthly cost.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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