Should You Build Up Or Out With A Room Addition

Should You Build Up Or Out With A Room Addition
If you are considering adding a new room to your home, you will likely have the option of building out or up. As long as you have the real estate to build out and the building codes allow you to build up, then you need to consider which is more beneficial to your particular needs.

Building a second story

This is attractive primarily because you are not using any of your existing property. If the area in your backyard is already small, you can easily build up, and you will still have room for a small patio or other area for relaxing when the weather is nice. If you are one of those who enjoy a backyard barbecue, you need to consider how this will affect your quality of life. Also, you will need to use up some of your existing space to build a staircase, so you are sacrificing space indoors but not outdoors. If you cannot find enough room to spare on your property to build out, building upward may be the best option.

Building out

This is the most common choice, but again, you will need enough real estate for the building codes for your city as well as have the space you are willing to part with. This type of construction is less of a nuisance to residents while it is being done. There are also more options when building out. For example, the room can be of various sizes. This is much different than building a second story room. Second story rooms will have certain limitations on size because it is being constructed on an existing house.

A third option

If you are prohibited from building a second story on your house due local ordinances and you simply do not want to cannot build on you existing property you should consider turning your garage into a new room addition. The key to successfully doing this is to hire a professional contractor. When you decide on this option, you can have your garage upgraded, so it is the same as any other room in your home. In addition, this is the lowest cost of adding a room to your house. The downside, of course, is that you can no longer park your car in the garage

If you are interested in the possibilities and the costs of each of the three options listed above, you can have a contractor in your area provide more information. You can find out now by getting an online quotation.

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