Shopping For Snowsuits? What To Look For

Snowsuit Shopping In Scandinavia: What I’ve Learned from One of Europe’s Coldest Winter Countries

Winter is coming. As the wind grows colder and the nights stretch longer, snow can fall any day now. Light and fluffy, but blinding in its whiteness, snow can easily cover the world in thin frost, or in some cases, in thick layers of iciness. In these cold conditions, there is nothing better than be prepared months before the actual weather settles in.

During my visit in Trysil, Norway, a place popular for its ski resorts, I’ve notice that most of the locals I’ve met go around their business like any other people in a more temperate climate. I thought it that it must have been their bodies have grown too accustomed to the cold. But as I’ve notice, it is more on how they dress themselves.

It can be said fashionable, but among the winter wear, snowsuits proved to be the most functional. Traditionally an exclusive wear for skiing, snowsuits are for any occasion: perfect for protection from the cold and wet weather; divine for keeping the warm air inside.

Two Kinds of Snowsuits

There are two kinds of snowsuits: the one-piece and the two-piece.

One-Piece Snowsuits

One-piece snowsuits are a whole body suit, composed of sleeves for the limbs and an opening from neck to the front. One-piece snowsuits are perfect fit for those who do not want the cold wind slipping in. The one it really helps protect is the core temperature located around the torso, stomach area, the crotch area, and the behind.

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Two-Piece Snowsuits

The two-piece snowsuits are composed of two parts: the jacket and the pants. They can be bought as a set or separately. Two-piece snowsuits are perfect for those who want an easier fitting, freer movement, and mixing and matching.

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Prices of snowsuits are based on the materials and how these materials are made into. The more expensive snowsuits are made of light materials that can insulate warmth better. The cheaper once are heavier because they require many layers of thicker materials.


Snowsuits are made of fabrics with different composition. Most of compositions are made of synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, specialized wool, and others made for specific purposes like waterproofing, wind breaking, insulation, breathability, and weight.


The materials are mixed together as layers upon one another to create the main coat of the snowsuits. Different layers of materials can be mixed together, but the important ones are the insulation layer, and the windbreaker and waterproof outer layer.

Size and fit

Size, fit, and shape are important not for the fashionable appearance but for functionality. Any suit one size smaller is uncomfortable. One size bigger and cold air could get in through sleeves and hems. The parts of the snowsuit that are important to the fit are the cuffs on ankles and wrists, and the shape of the neckline.


Like size, fit, and shape, colors do not only serve for fashion but functionality, especially safety. In snowy locations like the mountains, light colored snowsuits are not suitable against the whiteness of the surrounding. It is important to be visible at all times.

Most snowsuits are bright in color to distinguish from the environment. It is optimal to have neon colors in coloring motifs to be seen during winter.


Some snowsuits have different additional features like removable hood, insulated hidden pockets, and all-the-way-up-to-the-neck zippers. Though minor, these details help the protection of the outside cold and keep the inner warmth.

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Remember, as what Scandinavians say: There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.

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