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The Bay Islands: Quick Travel Guide

The Bay Islands: Quick Travel Guide

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Are you looking for some different islands to travel to? Check out the Bay Islands – an international airport right in the middle of the islands, short flights from the USA, English speaking, US dollars are accepted in many places, as well as Visa and Mastercard.

Take the Gaming Tour to see Roatan, Utila and La Ceiba.

What Are the Bay Islands Famous For?

The three Bay Islands (Las islas de la Bahía) – Roatán, Utila and Guanaja- are a must for any traveler who loves the ocean. Home to some of North America’s most spectacular diving and snorkeling sites with their reefs being part of the second largest barrier reef system in all the world! You’ll find nurse sharks swimming among coral heads, and the water teeming with fish, coral, sponges, rays, sea turtles and even whale sharks.

What Country Is Bay Islands?

Bay Islands is a group of small islands in the Caribbean Sea. The main ones are Utila, Roatán and Guanaja which have an area each measuring about 101 square miles or 26 kilometers squared and lie about 35 miles (56 km) off the northern coast of Honduras in the Caribbean Sea.

How Many Bay Islands Are There?

The Bay Islands consist of eight islands and 53 small cays lying 10 miles (15 km) to 40 miles (60 km) off the northern coast of Honduras. The main islands are: the Swan Islands, Roatán, Guanaja, Útila, St. Helena, Cayos Cochinos, Barbareta, Morat, and the Hog Islands.

How Do You Get to Bay Island Honduras?

The Bay Islands are a great place to get away from it all and explore this beautiful region. You can easily reach the islands by the international airport in Roatan (RTB), from the Roatan airport you can easily take a ferry to Utila or Guanaja. 

Roatan Bay Islands

Roatan Bay Islands Honduras Things to Do

  1. Go Diving/Snorkeling – my favorite dive site – Hole in the Wall
  2. See monkeys and iguanas in Gumbalimba Park
  3. Zip-lining

Where to Eat in Roatan

  1. Mila del Mar at the Beach House – recently renovated (2022), the food & decor is amazing
  2. Luna Muna at the Ibagari Hotel – for a 5 star dining experience and a fabulous sunset
  3. The Roatan Island Brewing Company (only open on weekends) – best burgers on the island, and sometimes has a local crafts fair on Sundays

Guanaja Bay Islands

Top Things to Do in Guanaja

  1. Go Diving/Snorkeling
  2. Hike the waterfall – taxi to the marina, and start walking, full walk takes about 2 hours, down a deserted beach before heading into the jungle, get full info from The Casual Nomad
  3. Deep Sea Fishing

Where to Eat in Guanaja

  1. Mi Casa Too – the best in fine dining that Guanaja has to offer, get their early as the menu sells out daily
  2. Manati Bar & Restaurant – great spot for authentic German dishes, get the schnitzel and spaetzle 
  3. Gram’s – go for the Coconut Shrimp and a Monkey LaLa

Utila Bay Islands

Top Things to Do in Utila

  1. Go Diving/Snorkeling – favorite dive site – Out in the sea mounds hunting lionfish
  2. Climb the old lighthouse tower – abandoned many years ago as a lighthouse, it is now the highest point on the island. Take bug spray and catch the sunset.
  3. Hang on the beach – so many beaches, so little time – ask The Casual Nomad about the secret beach on the north side

Where to Eat In Utila

  1. El Castillo Garden Restaurant – farm to table, Austrian & Local food fusion, best dinner spot, also has private dining for date night
  2. Rj’s – get your seafood on at this local favorite, but get there at 5.30pm, because they are only open 3 days a week and when they sell out, its gone
  3. Neptunes – best lunch spot, with a bunch of vegetarian options – take your snorkel gear as this is also the best beach – accessible by boat only, the free boat leaves every hour on the hour from blue bayou.

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