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Tips for Buying Your Party Dresses & Christmas Outfits Online

Tips for Buying Your Party Dresses & Christmas Outfits Online

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Online buying should be the norm this year, but there is still a problem concerning the purchase of your much-needed outfits in online boutiques. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores where you can take a dress or two to the fitting room, online doesn't give you that luxury. Instead, it always seems like a risk to take for most women. 

Tips for Buying Your Party Dresses

What Worsens The Shopping Experience

According to this site with a statistical report by Business 2 Community, around 51% disagree with the notion that companies online have provided them with a positive experience. This can be due to several drawbacks of online shopping, such as the inability to touch the product, lack of physical shopping experience, and the possibility of a damaged or defective product.

Because of those fears, we're here to lay down some tips for you to follow when you're planning to buy your party dress or Christmas outfits this holiday season. Find out the many ways to have a better online shopping experience by reading further.

The Better Experience

  1. Know Your Measurements by Heart

Knowing your size can be helpful when purchasing online. While some offer clothes that have fixed measurements, other stores offer to personalize a piece to your body measurements. The former isn't necessarily bad, as long as the dress you ordered matches your body measurements closely. The latter, however, offers you more freedom and flexibility when it comes to the fit.

Whichever they are, you'll want to measure yourself with a measuring tape before purchasing. Here are some important parts to highlight when doing so:

  • Chest Measurement – Maybe the most important one to measure, chest fit determines how well you can breathe while wearing your dress. This part covers your bust and part of your diaphragm. Take two measurements, one with a bra and one without. That way, whether your chosen piece has a built-in bra or not, you got yourself covered.
  • Waist Measurement – This will measure the narrowest your waist will get. Your main point is your belly button. Climb up a little bit, around 1-2 cm above your umbilicus, and approximately your waist should be found there.
  • Hips Measurement– This includes your fullest hip part and butt. 

For clothes with fabric that does little to no stretch, measure your hips and waist while sitting down. This will accommodate your comfort as well as give a small space for your holiday meal.

  1. Compare Your Measurements with Online Charts

Double-check for good measure. Often if a store offers multiple brands, you'll want to check the site's chart and the brand website's chart as well. It may differ, but it will save you time in choosing the right fit. You can check out sites like for an online boutique situated in Ireland. Find the perfect fit with their detailed descriptions and excellent customer service!

Some sites also offer helpful details such as the height and weight of the model. Another great tool you can utilize reviews. It's always immensely beneficial to check out other customers' reviews to determine if your chosen piece looks true-to-life, or if its design differs from what is shown.

  1. Quality Fabric Is Important

Ever had a fabric that you're not comfortable with? Raid your closet and find pieces you don't wear anymore because of it. Familiarize them and make sure to avoid sites that don't clearly state what fabrics their pieces are made of.

  1. About Return Policies

Know if your local or boutique store has a return policy or not. One way to determine their eligibility is through their customer service and their return policy. If the company is more than willing to take back a damaged or inauthentic product and offer you a refund, or if they offer to send another product your way, this can be a good indicator that they're confident with their products. 

According to the NY Times, 91% of customers view return policy as a significant key player in their decision to purchase. Thus, a well-thought-out policy approach is one of the things you should look out for as a consumer.

  1. Get to Know Your Company/Seller

One way to trust a company entirely is to look at their website, read reviews, and ask around about their background. You can also talk to the seller's customer service hotline (if they have one) or leave them an email about your inquiries. Most of these marketers may also have a Facebook page 0or an Instagram handle you can check out thoroughly.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.