Tips For Packing Carry On Luggage

With most airlines charging for checked bags (thank you to Southwest for not), I've been trying to carry on my luggage more often, not only to save money, but time.

Tips For Packing Carry On Luggage

It takes extra time in the airport to stand in line to check your bags (by printing my ticket ahead of time or using an e-ticket, I can go straight to security). Then it usually takes quite awhile to wait for your bags at baggage claim when you arrive at your destination. And if you don't have TSA Pre-Check yet, I highly advise it.

Be sure to check out the airline's terms on baggage as some airlines, such as Frontier and Allegiant even charge for carry on bags. The majority of airlines, though, like United, American and Fly Mango only charge for checked bags, but not carry on bags.

If you are travelling with a baby, I recommend using backpack diaper bags for travel as they are not only most spacious type of diaper bag but also more handy as they leave your hands free to carry other luggage.

I found a video on Mode (no longer available) that offers packing tips for family travel, but I found some useful tips for traveling alone as well.

Top 6 Packing Tip Takeaways

  1. Use travel pouches to organize outfits by day
  2. Keep empty plastic grocery bag in suitcase for dirty clothes
  3. Use shoe bags (or more grocery bags) to keep separate dirty, smelly shoes
  4. Slip business card in bag instead of using luggage tag exposing names
  5. Add bright ribbon to your bag as all black bags look alike
  6. Pack water bottle to fill after going through security

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Tips For Packing Carry On Luggage

Tips For Packing Carry On Luggage

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