Top 5 Ways to Save Money on New Carpet for Your Home

Shopping for new carpets is a more intense process than many people realize until they get into it. Finding the right shade and texture to work in your home is tough enough, and getting a good price can be even more difficult. Carpets are more expensive than you’d think, so follow these 5 tips to save money on your new carpeting.

  1. Buy at the Right Time
    As with many products, there is a right and a wrong time to shop for new carpets. If you’re willing to plan your shopping around the holiday season, you can find yourself saving big on your new floor coverings. Sales for carpets slow down significantly during the holidays for a number of reasons. People are spending most of their money on holiday gifts and other expenses, and they don’t want to be bothered with carpeting installation during this time of year. You may not want to be bothered either, but the savings might make it worth your while.
  2. Do Your Homework
    How much do you really know about carpeting? Probably not much. You wouldn’t go shopping for a car without knowing the basics of automotive matters, and likewise you shouldn’t go into shopping for carpets without doing some homework. Look up the different kinds of carpets that are popular on the market, find out which run for higher prices on average, and make particular note of which are easiest to clean. This will help you spot prices that are abnormally high and invest in carpets that will stay clean longer.
  3. Look for Hidden Fees
    There’s more to shopping for carpets than the price you can see. Aside from the cost per foot of your carpet of choice, you’ll need to factor in things like underlays, fitting, gripper rods and labor cost for installation. These expenses are never advertised and they usually amount to a significant extra expense. Keep these things in mind during your shopping and bring them up to salespeople. They may be willing to offer you a break on these extras, but you’ll never know unless you bring it up.
  4. Shop with Several Dealers
    Never limit yourself to one carpet dealer. Play the field as much as possible; go to several different retailers and take note of prices on carpets that catch your eye. You may find the same carpet at different prices depending on where you shop. Have a look at the larger retailers as well as small shops to get a good feel for how much you can expect to pay. Bigger stores often have competitive prices, but are less open to haggling than the small operations.
  5. Start Negotiating
    The one surefire way to get the best price on your carpets is to be a good negotiator. Understand that you and the salesperson each have something the other wants. You both want to come to an arrangement without giving up too much–an agreement that benefits both of you equally. Don’t try to cut under the prices too much, but always let the salesperson know that you’re prepared to seek better deals elsewhere. If the price is too high, and the dealer says its non-negotiable, walk out the door.

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